3/2/2018 SandersElementary Backblast

I want to thank Kilo for putting this together.  Hopefully more guys will sign up to help.  I work 5 minutes away, so it is easier for me, but Kilo is right, and there is a need for us.

I signed up for the first day, which also happened to be Dr. Seuss birthday.  So that made it pretty easy.  I picked up a book at Kroger and a few other items and made it over to the school.

Aside from reading I wanted to talk with the kids about 3 things:

1) making good choices

2) the importance of saving money and learning this at a young age

3) Eating healthier snacks

So we started right at noon, room 201 with Ms Clark- who is an excellent teacher.

I kind of rolled all three into one presentation showing them the cost of one snack, option A, which was a candy bar and a soda, to snack option b: which was a bottle of water and a banana.  Most of the kids wanted the water and banana, which was great to see and I also showed the difference between the cost between choosing a healthier snack and saving money doing it.  We’ve done this before in classes and can be sad to hear some of the students talk about saving money or what they would buy with their savings.  One told me she was excited to save because her parents are broke.  Another told me she was saving her money so she could have her own bed.  Another told me that he would like to buy a PlayStation because his dad took his away and sold it.

So we ended with the book- One Fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.  With 2 little kids I had actually never read this one, but it was fun.  The class was great, well mannered and very excited to have a guest reading to them.  Total time spent at the school was 25 minutes.  If you can- send Kilo a message and try and sign up for something this month or in April.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks again to Ms Clark and the 2nd graders at Sanders54029C4E-5BF7-4A6B-BB0E-5E043CBCFD6A


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