#therooster Nugget now offers Delivery!

Opening sidebar: The Carpenter opens tomorrow and is sure to bring plenty of celebrity HIMs (see Zoo) and FNGs. Digiorno has the O. I challenge the O regulars who haven’t experienced a fresh from the oven, Digiorno facemelter to show up strong. Sidebar ended.

Well, there is a rumor that the Mutt HIMs do not stray far from their home. We have seen this in the call outs to the Posh (see Glauc’s posts) and the O (see any O preblast). Maybe its the extra 4 minutes of sleep. Maybe its the glow of the parking lot. Or maybe the smell of a certain very punctual produce truck.

And since YHC has delivered beatdowns to the Big 4, the rush, and the Poshlands, it was time to extend the delivery area to the Mutt. I’m not going to call anyone out in particular. I mean, I haven’t seen Quimby in a while, and the last time I saw Backdraft was at coffeeteria. Tiger always seems to post when I am working early. Geppetto is drilling flag holes, while Country Boy I’m sure needs the rest. And hell KV has beat me down before, so it would be nice to return the favor. But YHC would NEVER call any Mutt regulars out.

Who: All Hims (even those not named in this post like Spreadsheet or Mouth or Buschhhhh)

When: Tomorrow, 5:30 AM

Where: Holy Trinity School

Why: to get Better

SYITGgiphy (15)

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