The O Back Blast 3/8 #TempleOfGloom

(Flashback) August 22,2017 – my first post.   Wham’s VQ.  Struggled, and spilled merlot when I got home in the driveway. #wuss

(Present) March 8, 2018 – 100 posts later.  Tough 3 day stretch starting with Digiorno, Iceman, and I had the Q today.  Full body shredder, no down time.  45 minutes of straight hard work. Sore but feeling good.  #champ

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had to space out my posts.  I kind of wanted my next Q to be my 100th. I remember being at CI’s 50th thinking wow (Owen Wilson wow) can’t believe he’s done 50 workouts much less 100.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a number of HIMs hitting 100.  Methane, Wham!, Kilo, Digiorno, Glen Ross, and many others that hit that mark long ago.

Gearlander: Broncos knit hat (😊), orange Under Armour ¼ zip pullover (Kilo – I do wear a lot of orange), my bestest thermal toights, shorts over said toights, New Balance trails.

Q – OJ

PAX: Trump, Tron, Red Roof, Gillespie, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Flo Jo, Who Dey, Slippers, Vincent (respect), Nickelback, Scuba Steve, Bean Counter, Scratch, Butcher, Peach.

Hit the O shortly after 5am as there was much work to be done.  I knew I needed 8 coupons for the tennis courts so after planting the GF and TOG flags I was in for some extra credit.  Farmer carried the 8 in four trips to the far tennis courts (woof) where I had a number of exercises laid out in a circle for my mosh pit that would later be rocking.  Finally had it all lined out and looked at the clock and it was 5:29, whew.  Perfect.  Sprinted to the flags and gave a quick disclaimer and we were off and running.

COP on the other tennis court

20 Abe Vigotas IC

*Here’s where I divulged that this was my 100th post and asked if they were ready.

100 SSHs IC – crowd pleaser (loved when Star Child did this for Methane’s 100)

*Shared with them that this was my 9th time to lead so I called for 9 Burpees.

20 Plank Jacks IC

Hold plank – right arm up/left arm up

The Thang – there would be no thangs 2 or 3.  This was going to be about a 38 minute straight Tabata beat down.


I warned the PAX in my pre-blast that I was going to bring the heat with some music.

50 seconds on, 10 off to rotate.

Exercises: Mountain Climbers, Burpees, SSHs, Flutter Kicks, Coupon Curls, Merkins, Rosalitas, Coupon Shrugs, Lunges, Sprints to the other end of the courts, Elbow Plank, Bear Crawls forward 5 steps/Crawl Bears back 5 steps, Coupon Rows, Dying Cockroaches, Plank Jacks, American Hammers, Coupon Kettle Swings, On six hold legs six inches off ground, Broad Jump forward 3 paces/Broad Jump back 3 paces, Imperial Walker Squats, Alternating hand coupon merkns, Groiners, Monkey Humpers, Heals to Heaven.

I told the PAX my love of heavy hard rock and I’m not sure if they were prepared for my selected playlist.  The first song I chose is extremely heavy and I got some weird looks when it cranked in.  Scratch told me he hated it (later asked for the list of songs so he could go download them). Tron admitted he liked a few but also asked if I was just playing the same song over and over. Who Dey approved of the tunes.  Trump said my tunes were in fact not great.  I’m not sure about others.  I just know when it’s heavy, I feel motivated to push further.


1. “Architect” by Ded

2. “Red Cold River” by Breaking Benjamin

3. “Soul Addiction” by Sylar

4. “Unbreakable” by Of Mice and Men

5. “Throne” by Bring Me the Horizon

6. “Bones Exposed” by Of Mice and Men

7. “Gambit Rogue Delight” by Sylar

8. “Game On” by Disciple

9. “Defy” by Of Mice and Men

Called it with a couple of minutes to spare and I asked for help returning the coupons


Announcements – FIA, Dad’s day

Intentions – Also FIA, Steemer, Loco (injuries)

I’m thankful for this group of men who hold me accountable.  I can’t believe I stand here 100 posts later.  I’m a three time marathoner and I’m not sure I’ve ever been in shape as I am now.  What this group is doing is changing lives, making men better on the inside and out.  It’s nothing we could do on our own accord but through God’s grace and the fellowship between us.  I’m excited for our expansion into new AOs and look forward to seeing many more men be transformed by F3.  Sorry for the long winded BB just typing from the heart.


3 thoughts on “The O Back Blast 3/8 #TempleOfGloom

  1. I have to admit that it gives me a certain amount of pride that you spilled merlot after my VQ! Love that story. Great BB and WO. Hate that I missed it.


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