Backblast 03/08/2018: An FNG naming party at F3 shelby co. Blackops launch. #shuttlecock #spokeydokeys



It was a great am to launch F3 Shelby County.

Conditions: 31, brisk a slight North/Northwest breeze, light flurries

Glauc Q  PAX: (9)  Abacus, Stormtrooper, Zartan, Grandpa Bear, T18 (FNG), Banana Bread (FNG), Shuttlecock (FNG), Spokey Dokey (FNG), Elmer (FNG)

I was so excited to get things rocking @ Martha Layne that I had basically been up since about 3:30 AM.. Let’s get to it.

Mosey back of parking lot with mixed butt kicks, high knees, arm circles (forward and backward)  ended up at the rear of school in front of flag poles.  A b e a utiful spot for COP.

COP:  20 SSH (IC) , 15 Cherry Pickers (IC) , 12 Abe Vigotas (IC) , 10 Copperhead squats (IC) , 15 Merkins (Single count) , 20 shoulder taps (single counts),  5 BOYOS.

Mosey to front of school.. to the “football field”

The THAnG:

Partner up (1 FNG with one F3 HIM) :

  1.  start on opposing 30 yard lines, run to the middle (around the 50 yard line) do 5 merky partner claps  (I just made that up, thought we came up with something better there? but forgot) (essentially a merkin then giving your partner who is in front of you a “five” in plank position)  Do 5 Merky partner claps and run back to 30 yard line.  Rinse and repeat for the entire song “Meet in the Middle”  diamond rio classic love song.
  2. Same start. (partners on opposing 30 yard lines) run to middle.  Do 10 air squats with air punch (opposite of partner). Run back. Rinse and repeat for entire song “Believer” Imagine Dragons
  3. Same start as above. yadayadayada.  Meet in the middle with partner. Do 10 Plank Partner claps. (similar to above with the merkin but with no Merkin. Basically doing a “five” with your partner in plank position.  Run back to thirty yard line. Rinse and repeat entire song.  “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes

Run back to rear of school

Partner up:

Exercise 1 : Partner 1 , 15 Derkins  Partner 2 LBC (until partner 1 is done)

Exercise 2 : Partner 1, 15 air squats Partner 2 Hold Plank (until partner 1 is done)

Rinse and repeat for the entire song “Brother” by Needtobreathe.

Mosey back to flag.

COT:  FNG naming party began.. I like it.  All are winners, great names for F3. Intentions for those serving our country and the recent school shootings.

Same spot this saturday!  6:00 AM!

Glauc OUT!

One thought on “Backblast 03/08/2018: An FNG naming party at F3 shelby co. Blackops launch. #shuttlecock #spokeydokeys

  1. Nice job brother!
    Sorry I couldn’t make it. My wife is on call, fear of her having to go to work early. I’ll be out there soon. 💪


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