#back blast #the blender 3/7

LBFC 3-7-1811 Pax showed up to learn about BLIMPS

Pax: Sump Pump, Buusccchhhh, Grinder, Mad Cow, Jordy, PED, DiGiorno, Left Eye, Butcher, Glenn Ross, Spreadsheet (Q)

Weather. Low 30’s. Snow flurries would make a few appearances

Attire (for Zoo): Running tights, athletic pants, long sleeve and short sleeve dry fit shirt, hooded sweatshirt, gloves, ear-warmers, socks(2 pair), and trail shoes

Started with a mosey around the school to the big parking lot for COP:

All in cadence:

The curly stretch. I recall this from a spinal tap q. I believe Curly must have debuted it a while back, but I missed his q. How is Curly? Taurine have you seen him? Wait, where is Taurine and where is KV?

Cherry pickers slow x 15

Kendra Newmans small and large, forwards and backwards.

Bobby Hurley x 15. We needed something for March Madness!  GO CARDS!


Next it was time for  BLIMPS with a partner, slightly modified.

Partner 1 runs the from the curb to the portico,  20 SSH, then back to relieve partner 2.

Partner 2 works on the BLIMPS. Complete the following as a team

Burpees = 100

Lunges = 200 each leg

Imperial Walkers = 300 each leg

Merkins = 100

Plankjacks = 200

Squats = 300

Q took the odd man out and did half of the reps solo.  (CI –   my burpee form is improving…..) My spreadsheet formula was clearly wrong on estimating time to complete BLIMPS. I called an audible on the reps for the last few sets so we could get in some Mary.

Merkins is now 50

Plankjacks is now 100

Squats is now 150

Pax finished up and we moseyed over to the back parking lot for Mary.


Mary:  all in cadence

Flutter kicks x10

Lbcs x 10

Lbfc x 10. Little baby flutter crunches. I wanted something new and I found this on the F3 website.  I had a little trouble counting out loud while doing this.  Based on the chatter the PAX really enjoyed this. Sorry – Not Sorry….  This will make an appearance at my next q!


We circled up, announcements, intentions, and went on to make it a great day. Thanks for letting me lead today!

Buuuussscch, Grinder, Mad Cow, and others that reminded me of the running pre blast comment.  I did confirm the pre blast said “no long runs”.  I would say that is very different from many short runs. I did manage to have over 6,000 steps when I got home.  #wedontgetupforeasy  #getbetter

Thank you HIMS for letting me lead today. I’ll be back to lead again later this month!!  SYITG

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