3.9.10 Black Op Ruck at the Reservior – Zartan via Red Roof

IMO the 1st F today paled in comparison to the 2dnF. However I will share a break down of what we did.

PAX: Wham!, MadCow, Mouth, Zartan and Diablo*

Conditions: crystal clear and high 20s.
Gearlander: $1200 in Ruck sacks, 5 pairs of shoes, one orange hoodie (guess who) and 4 beanie caps.

Pretty subdued crew this morning so we set off to explore the golf course and nearby reservoir. YHC was tired but we moved at a pretty good clip. This was a picture of our route and pace.  Dual purpose today. Ruck was the given. Secondary task was to recon a future AO. Lots of potential but we all agreed that the steep hills a going to really suck. They are really really steep. Keep your eyes open for a BO Beatdown here in the future.

We finished a little early and as we walked back to the shovel flag in Mary T parking lot. As we rounded the corner we noticed an official looking pickup truck parked right in front of the BlackOp Shovel Flag. With headlights illuminating her in all her glory we discussed what must be going through this persons mind. “So it’s a shovel but it’s also an American Flag. If I move it does that make me a communist? What purpose does this thing even serve?”

As 4 guys came strolling toward him with headlamps and backpacks I assume he figured it wasn’t worth the trouble and bailed.
We circled up for our four man COR NOR and Ball if Man. As we ran through NOR YHC said “Kevin Hanley, Zartan, 37” to which MadCows follows by shouting “37”. Man I screwed that up but we laughed at MC and moved on. When out of the gloom comes…. wait who is the beast of man rounding the corner with a Ruck on? It’s Diablo. We all, laugh, and then ask what happened?

“I showed up 2 minutes late and you guys were gone. I looked but you were no where in sight so I did my own thing. Why was I late?”

Laughter ensued and we added Diablo to NOR. Out of nowhere,having been way too far away to hear my previous mistake, Diablo shouts out Justin Clark Diablo 40 to which we all yell 40 and of course continue to laugh. Dark Helmet would be embarrassed at out retention of Q school 101.

That’s where we end.

Naked Moleskin
YHC was tired today. Really tired.
Mouth brought up that it was time the Dreadnoks(Hanley’s ) stepped up and joined the planning committee for Spring Break. PS Mouth, we are not staying with you guys.
Wham! is celebrating his 40th later this month and is heading to Nashville this weekend for a pre party. Hoping he remains strong to not show up for his first day at a new Firm hungover. Good luck brother and congrats on the career move.

On I believe the 7th hole of the golf course, which was not by the way founded by a crescent roll, the topic of French Drains came up. So let’s take a step back before I begin this one. Have you ever believe something so fully you don’t even bother to research it? A few months ago while discussing a FNGs name I thought the Swedish Chef from the muppets would be great. But in my mind I always thought his name was Chef Shadoodle. No idea where it came from but I have believed that was his name from childhood. Upon being told his name was indeed Chef Shadoodle I researched it in the Google machine and sure enough zero mention of Chef Shadoodle anywhere.

So today while walking up #7 we discussed French Drains. I think MC asked where the name came from. YHC having had several installed in my past homes had for the last 9 years thought I knew where the name came from. So I began to tell every that French Drains original came from ab irrigation solution of flat French chateau’s. I explained that they would line walkways and paths with rocks that had slopping underground rock channels to funnel the water away. Mouth called BS and I was confident I was right. I mean my contractor had told me as much as he explained the concept years ago. He had to be right of course. I mean he had a magnet on his truck.

Upon getting my car and using this amazing google tool this is what I found.
This was a google search that proved that I was so wrong and Henry Flagg French was an A Hole
Damn. So wrong. But maybe there is tie somewhere to French Drains leading back to France?
This was a google search that said French Drains have nothing to do with France 🇫🇷
Double damn. I got Shadoodled again. So I texted all this to my buddies and we all shared a laugh at my expense.
Later in the Ruck the guys who live a mile or so from our location admitted they had never even known the reservoir and path were there. Shocked to know it was there and curious as to what it was, Mouth asked if the Gate House was a Church
This was a picture of the GateHouse
To which I answered no, it controlled the flow of water in the reservoir that helped remove sediment from the water. All great info I read off a sign will recon’n the area.

So all in all this was a great morning. I apologize for the late delivery of this BB. I wrote it earlier and the media spinner said it was downloading pics and what not and then crashed. Lost it all. Also, I hate/love to admit that I spent more time today on F3 than I didn’t. Conference call with CrotchRocket, 2rd F lunch that extended into happy hour and then a visit from Barney Fife from F3Birmingham and the HL’n guys at FishFry.

So as I sit here at home recording the Liverpool v Man U match tomorrow I had a thought. I was wrong way more than I was right today. And as I lay out my Liverpool kit for tomorrow I realized I should question more of my beliefs. So I was pretty sure I knew who sang Liverpool’s famous game chant You Never Wall Alone. So I tentatively googled this easily uncovered bit of information in an attempt to prove that I knew what I was talking about and ….. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a show tune from the 1945 Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel Son of a bitch. 0 for 3 today.

I give up.

I can say one thing for sure and be confident I am right cause I need a win. Next Thursday for those looking for a crazy beatdown join me at Mary T for a Black Op WO. Not for the faint of heart. It will be hard and will involve running, hills, Burpees, hills, stairs,hills and more hills.
Get some rest and SYITG

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