3/9 NorthPosh Ruck training at The Wall. #NeverQuit


We’ve got a PAX full of Winners.  Yesterday morning PK informed me he wasn’t going to be able to post this morning because he couldn’t make it back from either St. Matthews or Norton Commons in time to get the 2.0s off to school.  Beep bop beep, Ruck training at North Posh.  PK and I are greeted in the gloom by 6 other HIMs ready to do work.  Including a new PAX member (Meatball) making only his second post.  Tclaps!




MacAfee, Meatball, PK, Bob Ross, Glauc, Storm Trooper, Nino


All this is done with your ruck on.

Have you seen the wall?  It’s not a hill, its a stinking wall.  The thing is probably 120 yards and STEEP!



1 merkin at top/10 4 ct. flutter kicks at bottom

ascending merkins/ descending flutter kicks


10 merkins/1 4 ct. flutter kick.


not done yet my friend


Bear with Me!!!!!!!!!!

10 yd. bear crawl

20 squats

10 yd bear crawl

20 merkins

10 yd bear crawl

20 Mountain Climbers

10 yd bear crawl

20 ruck curls


rinse and repeat!!!!!!


This was tough but the PAX never quit.  We started, we finished, WE ARE WINNERS!



Intentions for Macafee M, trying figure out some medical issues and needs prayers for some relief.

Storm Trooper aunt battling cancer.




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