3/10/18 #Ruiner Backblast

QIC: Wham!

17 PAX: Bean Counter; Scratch; Vincent (Respect); Oscar (FNG); Tron; Who Dey; Pong (FNG); Trump; Gillespie; Captain Insane-O; Noxeema Jackson; OJ; Geppetto; Mayberry; Pope; Red Roof

Time: 0700

Temperature: 35ish degrees

Playing Surface: Sloppy

Zoo Zoo Lemon Gear Check: Gray Under Armour long sleeve shirt; Kilo yellow short sleeve Champion shirt; Black tights, Gray shorts: black and gray Under Armour socks; F3 Louisville hoorag; black and red NBs


As some of you know, Friday was my last day at a job I’ve been at for the last 14 years and so it was a crazy busy week for me, which didn’t allow me to do my normal 2-3 day weinke prep. I had general concepts in mind for the WO but didn’t actually put pad to pencil until Friday night around 10 pm. So that was causing me some anxiety as was a weather report I saw talking about the possibility of 1-2 inches of snow over night which would have caused me to scrap the WO I had in mind. Fortunately, no snow happened and my WO went off as planned.


During one of my Qs in late January, I took the PAX to a triangle shaped patch of grass in Seneca Park on the way to Big Rock and named it Wham! Island. Here is a google earth pic of it:

I have been itching to get back there ever since but it really can only be done on a Saturday because of the 15 extra minutes, so today (actually, it was yesterday since I chose an adults only getaway to Nashville this weekend with friends over compliance with the F3 “same day” BB rule) was the day. It takes approximately 5-7 minutes to get to Wham! Island from the shovel flag and so I decided to stop on the I-64 overpass for a quick set of PT on the way there, but it didn’t go well. I asked the PAX to do 20 incline merkins in cadence but I soon learned that this overpass was not set up well for that and so everyone got a face full of steel on the first merkin. I also temporarily forgot how to count in cadence or at all during this time which added to the confusion. I finally decided to cut bait and so we continued our trek to Wham! Island where we circled up for COP:

20 SSHs IC; Kendra Newman’s OYO; 20 Abe Vigoda’s IC; 20 Merkins IC; 15 Copperhead Squats IC; 15 Carolina Dry Docks IC; 15 Flutter Kicks IC

Thang 1: Mount Dora (does that sound inappropriate?)

One of my first posts was a Saturday WO Q’ed by F3 Louisville Royalty Quimby and Old Bay and they took us to a huge hill near the yet to be named Wham! Island and made us run up and down it while carrying things (this hill was later named Mount Quimby). It was a very tough WO for me but I’ve posted over 100 times since then and so I thought I was ready to return to Mount Quimby for a modified version of Dora.

For those who don’t know what Dora is, it’s a partner routine where one partner runs up and back a certain distance (usually 100 yards) while his partner does merkins and then they switch until they get to a 100 merkins. Round 2 is the same except 200 LBCs instead of merkins and Round 3 is 300 squats. I’ve always loved Dora (the routine not the cartoon. Side note: Why does she shout everything she says???) and so I thought it would be fun to modify it a bit. Instead of 100 merkins, we did 50 burpees, followed by 200 gas pumps and 300 lunges. Oh…and the running portion of it was up Mount Quimby to cones I had set out and then back down. This is what the PAX was looking at before we started:

Not too bad, huh? CI said the cones were a mile up the hill but I’d say a half mile, at most. Needless to say, it was tough. There were a few times during it when I considered lowering the number we were going to for the exercises but I ultimately decided that we could get through it, and we did. There was a lot of clothes shed during this Thang but no merlot was spilled. T-Claps gents.

Thang 2: Native American Plank

After we conquered Dora and Mount Quimby, we started the run back to the shovel flag, stopping along the way to catch our breath and bust out 20 Imperial Walkers in cadence. Before getting back to the flag, we stopped near the softball field and basketball courts for Thang 2.

The PAX split into 2 groups and lined up in plank formation head to toe with the PAX in the back of the formation moving to the front by doing a broad jump and then merkin until he was at the front of the formation. We did this for approximately 5 minutes and everyone had the best time.

Thang 3 Burpee Webbs

Vincent did this at his Q last Saturday and I thought it was difficult but awesome and so I decided to do it again today (yesterday). I apparently didn’t do it exactly how Vincent did it but the concept was the same. It was a 1:4 ratio like Jack Webb’s but with merkins and plank jacks and so you end up doing a total of 10 burpees along with 55 merkins and approximately a million plank jacks (it’s almost midnight on a Sunday night before I start my new job tomorrow and so I refuse to calculate the actual number). We made it all the way to 10 merkins and 40 plank jacks and we were done literally and figuratively.


We circled up one last time for count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements and intentions. We named 2 FNGs who are Vincent’s twin sons and freshman at UK. We hope to see them out in the gloom again soon and when we launch our Lex Vegas AO. Enjoy college Oscar and Pong. ‘Twas a good time for me.

Also, T-Claps to Geppettto’s M for spearheading FIA Louisville. They held their first WO after us and there was a huge turnout despite the cold and wet weather. Very impressive ladies.

Thanks for letting me lead such a fine group of HIM again today (yesterday…and almost 2 days ago). And sorry for any typos. Being in between jobs also makes me in between laptops and so I had to type this on my pocket computer.


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