Pre-Hurt Hurt Backblast

So at the beginning of the week Grinder through out the idea of having a workout at 6:15-7:00 before the #Hurt because he had to be at work by 8. A couple of weeks ago I needed to do the same thing do to a retreat and Grinder and other HIMs stepped up and said yes so I figured it was my time to return the favor so I HC’d for a Pre-hurt Hurt.

I spoke to Grinder at one of the workouts during the week and we decided that whoever came would just randomly pic exercises for the beatdown. I YHC arrived at Le Mutt at 6:08 still half asleep. I got out of the car at 6:11 just waiting for others to arrive. At 6:15 I was about to put on my Rucker and go walking because nobody else was there. As I was walking to the back of my truck I see Wedding Singer appear at the end of the parking lot walking towards me and at the same time Backdraft pulls in next to me. Well atleast we’ll have three but I can believe that Grinder is a no show. I was actually a bit worried. Well at about 6:17 Grinder flies in with the Flag and plants it in the saturated earth. As we are about to mosey Tiger flies in on 2 wheels to get us started.

Pax: Mad Cow, Wedding Singer, Backdraft, Grinder, Tiger and Waterboy(late entry)

Mosey around school for COT: Everybody chose 1 thing to warm up with. We did 5 things.

Thang 1: Elevens. We did something at one edge of the parking lot and then sprinted about 30 yards and did something else.

Thang 2: Coupon Work. We went behind the MPB to grab the coupons. Circled up in the coupon garden and each pax member called an exercise that was performed 15 reps. We did this till it was time to circle up.

COT: Intentions for Wedding Singer’s Dad and Waterboy’s sister-in-law and for safe travels for all those pax traveling.

Thanks for getting me up for a double down Grinder and glad you finally showed up.

Wham-O had the Hurt VQ so I had to stay for that!

Remember, we don’t get up for ourselves, we get up for each other.


Mad Cow out!

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