Bag O’ Wrenches BB – 03.13.18 – OldBay at the helm

Ah Seneca…how I’ve missed you.  Your beautiful terrain, your sketchy bathroom, your PAX that doesn’t quit.  This is where it all started for me last year, and I wanted to capture a few elements of my first post back in June.

PAX 16:  Double Down (R), Wham!, Diablo, Peach, Lil Jerry (R), Pope, Vincent (R), Donger, Butcher, Slippers, Gillespie, Spinal Tap, Scratch, Cutlass, Bean Counter, Old Bay (Q)

Disclaimer and mosey to tennis courts.  As we posted up on the tennis courts, Spinal Tap mused “So today is probably coupon-carrying Indian Runs and other stupid stuff?”  Well my Spinal Alignment Aficionado, you are half right.

COP: 39 SSH IC.  “Because everyone hates 40” said the young lad known as Pope.  15 grass-grabbers IC, 15 Moroccan night-clubs IC, 5 Surfees IC, 15 grass-grabbers IC, 15 Moroccan night-clubs IC, 5 Surfees IC.

Thang1: Let’s run.  No, let’s do an Indian Run.  Noooo, let’s do an Indian Run…prisoner-style!  Hands on your head, all the way around the park.  Roughly 1.25 miles.  Saw a great mix of all out sprints, taking care of the 6, and encouraging each other.  Scratch thought that I got running out of my system yesterday when OJ almost ran me off the road on StM Avenue, but these miles help us all.  Well done!

Thang 2:  Back to tennis courts, count off by 4.

  • Group 1 runs inside perimeter of tennis courts, then pushes
  • Group 2 Davinci’s
  • Group 3 Jump Squats (Bobby Hurley’s optional, but you gotta follow through)
  • Group 4 Round-the-clock merkins (Merkin at 12 O’Clock.  Walk hand over hand to 3 O’Clock.  Merkin.  Walk to 6 O’Clock, etc)
  • We completed 2 full rounds of this.

Thang3: Mary to bring us home

  • Heels to Heaven IC.
  • Pfifer kicks IC.
  • ABCs in giant capital letters OYO.  EC for cursive.
  • Chillicuts IC.  Plank, down to elbow plank, back up to plank.
  • Full V-Ups IC.
  • Some other stuff.

Big Finish at 0613.

  • Shuffle feet until YHC calls “Down”, then burpee, then right back into shuffle feet.  2 minutes of this burned my ass.

TIME.  COR, NOR.  Announcements for F3 Dads, Double Down will be communicating a Make-A-Wish initiative, F3/Hope scarves relay teams are formed for fundraising, the 37 AOs we have in Louisville are in full swing.  Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for patience.  I’m so grateful to have this in my life.  Peace and love to all you animals.  Come see me tomorrow at the Blender at HT.  It won’t hurt.

~ Old Bay

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