3/20 BreBlast Kilo Karnival #Karpenter


Laura Rutledge of the SEC network (🔥) recently approached me for an interview to talk about The upcoming Kilo Karnival VQ at #TheCarpenter and my obsession with hi lighter swag.  💯 Below are a few snippets of my interview which will probably air in its entirety on Wednesday after our post Karnival follow up.  Enjoy!


Laura Rutledge -Hey Kilo, why do you like neon hi lighter green -so much?

Kilo– “I don’t really care for the color, I just like to stand out in a crowd”

LR– Ok but, you never shut up, you constantly interrupt and talk over others, so you really don’t need to stand out with your attire.  You’re voice and excessive energy do the trick.

Kilo– “Sad but true, the thing is I want you to see me, hear me, and….. well never mind, just see me and hear me.”

LR- Ok, odd.. so why should the PAX of F3Louosville come to you’re Karnival?

Kilo– “Because I’ve got that sunshine in my pocket and good soul in my feet.  Also, it’s gonna be amazingly awesome.  SYITG”



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