B-Blast. Temple of Gloom at the”O” 3/22/18. The bell was answered!!

I was inspired by yesterday’s snowy post at the VET, so my pre-blast was more of a “call to arms” than a description of what might happen in the gloom.  I must say the bell was answered and 20 HIM’s showed up for my 100th post.  I am honored to have led them in this morning’s opportunity to get better.

PAX – DiGornio, Buschhhhh, Zima, Trump, Who-Dey, Slippers, Scratch, Wham, C. I., Cutlass, Red Roof, Donger, Jordy, OJ, Diablo, Pope, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Flo Jo, Shiplap and Vincent (Q).

Conditions – a clear, chilly 21 degrees and lot’s of ice,  Gear for Zoo – my inner Johnny Cash – all black Asics, trail shoes, tights and shorts, base layer, breathable running jacket, skull cap an ski gloves.

On my way into the gloom I stopped  and checked out the parking lot next to the basketball courts for conditions.  Very dark but for the most part dry and free of ice.  Next observation, the tennis courts had several icy spots across  the entire space.  There would be no burpee suicides this morning but not to worry, I had 2 plans.

We moseyed to the parking lot in the dark and circled up for a warmup that included Happy Jacks, Grass Grabbers, Imp. Walkers and BOYOS.

Thang 1 – Lazy Dora’s.  They are only lazy in name.  Partnered up for 100 merkins – both PAX in plank rotating 10 merkins at a time while partner holds plank.  200 LBC’s – partner 1, 20 LBC’s and partner 2 holds legs 6″ off the ground, rotating until 200 completed.  Last, 300 squats rotating 25 squats while partner holds Al Gore.  Quads were definitely burning.

Thang 2 – ATM’s (Alternating Merkins).  10 Shoulder taps IC, 10 Merkins 3 count down, 1 up and finished with 10 fast merkins.

We employed the same concept to legs with 10 Copperhead squats IC, 10 Scissor lunges IC and 10 Jump squats single count.   Both cycles were repeated twice.

Thang 3 – Mosey back to tennis courts for Mary.   10 boyos, Pretzel Crunch – IC, 5 boyos, flutter kicks – IC, 5 boyos, reverse crunch – IC, 5 boyos, starfish crunch – IC and 10 boyos to wrap.

Circled up for announcements, intentions and praise to the Sky Q.  I mentioned to the PAX that F3 came to me at time in life when I was dealing a lot of change.  F3 workouts and more importantly the HIM’s that do this thing, provided the stability I needed.  We all get something a little different from F3. Whatever that might be, I challenge you all to make the most of it.  21 individuals did just that, as ONE today.  We don’t get up for easy!!SYITG



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