Star Child’s Blind Q at MLC

Before 5:10am this morning, I have never seen Martha Lane Collins School in my life. But last week Glauc asked for help, so I offered to come out there and Q. Before realizing 1) I would have to have a blind Q, and 2) it followed my other Q yesterday. Thanks to Kilo’s “Ghost Q Massacre” from a few months ago, I was sure I could handle a blind Q, but I was still nervous I would mess everything up that Glauc has built. Well, here goes nothing…

PAX: 10- Visitors… Tooltime, Star Child, Stormtrooper, Abacus. Shelby County OGs- Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, T18, Smokey Doke, Shuttlecock, and Banana Bread.

Warning, with nothing written, I am sure I am missing a lot, so I will offer a general idea of the WO…

COP- Circle around in front of the high school flags.

  • 100 SSH 😉
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Military T’s (merkins with hand and leg raises. As cold as the ground was, I coined these “Num Nuts”)
  • Mount Climbers
  • Some other typical stuff


  • Merkin Suicides- partner up. 1 merkins 5, 10, 15 each line (or diamond merkins if they so chose) 2 Squats while 1 is gone.
  • Carolina Dry Dock Suicides (or Groiners Suicides) for partner 1, 2 did lunges
  • Merkin (or Num Nuts) Suicides, 2 did big boy sit ups.

Head to the back for some tag team. Three groups, 1 did dips or incline merkins while 2 ran to relieve 3 who was doing squats, then 3 ran to relieve 1.

We ran short on time so we did a little Mary and called it a morning.

I was off my game, so I forgot Namearama, but thanks to Glauc I got the PAX list easily. We again announced F3DADS is cancelled, but we will try again. Glauc also mentioned that Convergence is next month. More importantly, we huddled up and Abacus shared that unfortunately the M’s tests didn’t come back very well, so EVERYONE, please keep him and the family in your prayers. We asked the Sky Q for strength on this big ball, patience and faith to know he has a plan for all of us, and that was a wrap. Thanks again to all for coming out. Glauc, I am amazed of your work out there. You have a great group of guys out there, and I hope to see them all more often!

SC out.

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