Ruiner preblast Nugget is 100

Hello HIMs,

Time to celebrate another F3 Louisville milestone. YHC has the Q for number 100 where it all started, the Ruiner. The Ruiner broke the maiden of a lot of you Pax and I think they deserve a visit back once in a while. Don’t worry, the call outs are coming on Slack.

But there is another milestone I want to celebrate. Seabass is hitting his 25th workout. And considering he has school all week, I find it pretty impressive that he has take multiple chances to sleep in and come to get better in the Gloom. He is the F3 Louisville original 2.0, and I plan on making it a big deal on Saturday. So I encourage any of you that have been at one of his Qs, or just worked out with him, or picked him up when struggling to get to the O and join the beat down.

So just a little background on Seabass that may come in handy this Saturday. First he was born on May 19, 2004. That makes him 13 years old. While his nickname wasn’t made official until his first post, he has been called that for years. He loves basketball and is headed to Trinity next year. His favorite workout is Dora’s and has led 4 workouts. His first workout was led by Mayberry.

So why did I tell you all this, only time will tell.

No dress code at the Ruiner. Just bring yourself, and some gloves, and probably a towel for the ride home… It’s gonna rain, but that hides the tears

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