BackBlast #TheHurt Digiorno

As always, my Brothers of the Gloom came strong to The Mutt. 18 HIM (1 FNG, welcome Mia Flop) showed up to #getbetter. This includes 7 Ruckers that hit up a 45 minute trek before the 7am games began. #Tclaps

Digiorno Q

PAX: Wham!, Zartan, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Zoolander, Spreadsheet, Geppetto, Sump Pump, Grinder, Snowman, Fatone, Pope, Glenn Ross, Left Eye, Tiger, Escort, Mia Flop (FNG), Digiorno

Gearlander: Ski gloves w/latex gloves under (this helps when it is cold, wet and raining), Arctic thermals w/base layer over them (YHC is skinny and gets cold), Merrill trail shoes (waterproof), rain jacket.

YHQ was challenged by Zoo to bring some new menu items to the table. Had to turn a few pages in the old cookbook to find just the right recipe.
The meal started with…


  1. 40 SSH IC
  2. Downward Dog
  3. Runners Stretch (Curly)
  4. 15 Grass Grabbers IC
  5. Thigh/Hamstring Stretch
  6. A few more to get us ready for the 4 Course Meal

Everyone grab a coupon

1ts Course:
PAX line up side by side
Hold Plank
1st PAX does 5 Merkins, call out go to next PAX, next PAX does 5…on down the line
When done with your 5 Merkins immediately switch to AMRAP Coupon Press until last PAX completes Merkins

*We went down and back

2rd Course:
4 sets
15 When Nature Calls 4count IC
(Bear position/Squat (hands never leave ground/Back to Bear bringing Knee to Elbow alternating)

*Sets 3 & 4, we did 10 each

3nd Course:
4 sets
10 Sumo Squats w/coupon (toes out)
10 side to side w/coupon (hold coupon at chest, elbows touch each thigh, alternating)

**Run around school**

4ht Course:
Everyone in a line, plank head to toe
The Dragon Walk – kinda like bear crawl, stay low as low as possible, bringing knee to elbow every move forward
Follow Q cadence
We did 6-8 forward moves
5 Merkins 4count
Length of building down sidewalk

*This was a tough core intense movement

**Run around school**


  1. 20 Pretzel Crunch 4ct IC (alt legs)
  2. Sat Night w/coupon (reg, alt legs up, reg)
  3. Dips
  4. Leg Raises w/coupon held above chest
  5. Dips
  6. LBC’s
  7. ARods (lead by Zoo, #Fiiiiiive)

We completed with a few more stretches before calling time.

YHC was toast after this.

We circled up at the flag, announcements were made, intentions were given, the sky Q was given praise.

YHC is always grateful to be in the presence of a great group of HIM. This is truely more than a workout and I am thankfully for each and every one of you.


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