3/27/18 BB from Bayside @ MLC

Meet up in parking lot at MLC.  All was there early and ready for a good start for the day (Grandpa Bear – Q; Glauc; T18; Elmer; Banana Bread; spokey doke (r); and shuttlecock (r); prayers go out to Butterfly who was not able to join us (surgery).

Man what an awesome spring like morning.  Perfect opportunity to get tuned up for the day.  Started out with a short jog to the courtyard to get warmed up.


Grass Grabbers – 25 ic

SSH – 30 ic

Imperial Walkers – 25 ic

Bicycle Situps – 20 ic

Merkins with partner doing opposite count Derkins – 10 switch 10

Ran to pavement yard markers on opposite side of building.  Here we partnered up to combine our running exercises (suicides 30 yds, 60 yds, 90 yds) while alternating 100 burpees, 100 SSH, 200 LBCs.  After a strong push we met up at the 50 yd line for each to set a goal to start somewhere between the 50 and 10 yd line and do lunges to cross the goal line.  Ouch…..How those legs feeling?

Jogged a short distance over to the benches to do a short burnout with dips (3 minutes).

Finished up with a job back to the flag.


Glauc encouraged men to come out on Thursday night along with getting involved with a ruck.  Encouraged everyone to be thinking about being a Q.  Intensions were given and everybody headed out.  Good workout men!


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