3/27 Pre Rooster Ruck BackBlast

Pax: (5) Snowman, Geppetto, Airplane (VR), Digiorno, Glen Ross

Time: 39.41

Distance 2.64 miles

Speed: 4.0mph

Conditions: Cloudy, 51 cool but comfortable

Last week Zartan scheduled 3 pre-workout rucks so I decided to keep it going and throw back on the calendar for this week. 55FA4B06-9D00-49D9-85FC-B3F6BAB87EE3.jpeg Unlike the rucks at the O, where they always look like a giant penis, our path weaves us through the back streets of the Mutt- with no real pattern (kind of looks like 2 squares).

With 4 in the parking lot we left right at 4:45.  Made the first square then cut back up Leland when we saw someone heading towards us.  Was it Zoo?  Nope, we checked and he was still sleeping.  Was it Zartan- nope, he was out back working on a shovel flag.  It was Geppetto- who said he found us by listening for the mumble chatter.  He was slightly delayed with a “meeting” but glad he found us.

Group chatted about spring break, F3, potential headlocks, new black ops spots and just life.  Also found the pre- ruck relaxing before my VQ at the Rooster.

Our F3 Group is a blast- and reminds me a lot of college.  You can always find someone who’s in to basically do anything   regardless of the time of day- see Pope and Trons BackBlast yesterday.  I’m blessed and thankful for this group.


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