4/3/18 Solo Marco Island Ruck

DB3A1AB3-7ADE-4532-A929-41BB940F6D4BWhat do you do when you’re on spring break and need to get an oil change but there are no instant oil changes on the island? You find a place about 3.8 miles from your residence, drop off your vehicle in the morning and ruck back to the house, or at least that’s what I did.

Pax: Mad Cow

Location: Beautiful Marco Island Florida

Dripped off the car at 7:30. Began rucking back at 7:45. Listening to a jack Reacher book on tape. This brings up a question that has been bothering me for awhile….how can Tom Cruise play Jack Reacher?(other than the fact that he owns the rights) Jack Reacher is a 6’-5” 250 lb ex military bad ass. Tom Cruise is 5’-6” in heels and might weigh in @ a buck fitty

I digress. Ruck was great 3.8 miles in 55 min. Sub 15 min pace which is good for yours truly.

Hope everyone is having a great spring break wherever you might be.


Mad Cow

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