BackBlast – Silver Dunes Destin 4/2/18

First my apologies for the delay sending this. I broke lots of F3 protocol with this one. 6 spring break HIM’s made it to a Monday AM Vincent resort / beach beatdown. Diablo, Iceman(R), Double Down(R), Forced Close and FNG Jitterbug(R) sweated out the last of the previous nights alchohol to prep for a new day. Started with some warmup SSH’s, Imp walkers, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newman’s and shoulder Stretches.

Thang 1 – We had to wake up the complex at 7am so the speaker played AC/DC Thunder Struck. PAX held Plank and did a merkin every time Thunderstruck it Thunder was heard. The song is about 4:47 long and at least 30 Merkins. I lost count just trying to focus on my shaking arms. Diablo was a fan – song not the near 5 mins of Plank. Next we switched to legs for copperhead squats and Bobby Hurley’s with some sprints in between. I had to throw in the burpee Webb with merkin/ Plank jack 1/4 ratio up to 10/40.

Next, shoes off and to the sand for sprints, shuffle, lunges walks, Bernie Sanders and bear crawl circle with more Merkins at each revolution.

Back to the grad for several sets of Mary with 5 BOYOs between.

As it turns out sprints in the sand are a good way to pull a hammy when you try to keep up with the speedsters. I was sidelined for the balance of the week but I was extremely happy to lead day one at the beach. Named Jitterbug based on daughters dance background and finished with COT. SYITG.

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