PB: 04/09 The Incubator. #hellofriends



Jim Nance voice, ON.

“Hello Friends, and welcome to the 41st edition of The Incubator.”

“Weather calls for ideal gloom conditions, and we all know the natural beauty the posh possess.”

“What will this weeks version of The Incubator hold for us?”

“Will a rookie to the incubator come out of no where and attempt burpees with no clap?”

“Will seasoned veterans Starchild, Methane, Insano or Zartan keep the PAX on their toes?”

“Will Kilo fart sack, or simply fart during ab – o – rama? ”

“Who know’s? One thing we all know friends is that  Glauc brings the heat and will have you coming back for more”

Jim Nance voice, OFF.

For real, SYITG.

Glauc OUT

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