Convergence 4/21/18 #PreBlast


The When: April 21, 2018

The Time: 0700 – 0815

The Pre-WO Ruck: 0530 – 0645

The Where: The O (Seneca Park)

Parking: Park at basketball court lot

Misc: Don’t be in a huge rush to leave – there will be refreshments and lots of second F after WO

The Why: 1 Year Anniversary of F3 Louisville

More Why: Celebrate those who completed Iron Horse challenge.

Even More Why: Well, this one could take awhile. But, I’m going to save it for the BackBlast. We’ve all learned that reading PreBlasts is sporadic (and that’s being kind). I mean, how many unsuspecting fools showed up for Captain Insane-O’s 100 burpees / run a mile / more burpees / run another damn mile non-sense (I loved it) if they’d actually read the PreBlast. F3 has been important to all of us. Iron has sharpened Iron here. We are all better now than when we started – physically, mentally, and spiritually. More importantly, we have all developed friendships through F3 that we all wanted and needed and that have become important to us. Let’s ALL get out Saturday to celebrate what we’ve done here. The workout will be challenging; we will do stupid stuff; and, the fellowship will be strong. Is my goal of 100 attending too bold? I hope not. I think we can do it.

– Diablo


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