Plethora VQ #theO #PopgoestheCherry

Thanks for helping to Pop my Q cherry today guys. Hopefully I’m able to look you guys in the eyes on Saturday without much shame and remorse.

Not 100 percent sure where the name Plethora originated. I believe It has something to do with a movie,  Possibly the three amigos (I’ll have to check it out) but After rehashing all of my escapades as a youngster I know I’ve most likely dodged a plethora of STDs and also a plethora of many more little Popham babies running around town. 😳.

Conditions – 40ish, windy but thankfully dry

We were 24 strong today ….

Pax ….

Trump, Bean Counter, Gillespie, Loco, Big Bird, Spinal Tap, Iceman (respect), PK, Shiplap, McAfee, OJ, CI, Face, Abacus, Mayberry, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Wedding Singer, Pew-Pee, Star Child, Scratch, Tool Time, Wham!, Plethora (Q)

Here’s what we did fellas….

Headed over to the Tennis courts

SSHs (30 IC)

Grass grabbers (20 IC)

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats (20 IC)

Thang 1

The hill (in the neighborhood)

11’s – Borrowed from Gillespie (was the first F3 workout I did and happened to be his VQ)

Divided into 2 groups and each took a hill

10 burpees at the bottom of the hill then run up and do 1 Bobby Hurley at the top

9 burpees at the bottom, 2 BHs at the top

Etc… all adding up to 11 hence then name 11’s

Rolled over to the Field

Thang 2

Coupons spread out and Pax lined up across the field behind a coupon 

Super 21s

1 curl and  1 weighted squat

2 curls and 2 weighted squats

3 curls and 3 weighted squats

Etc until we reach 21/21

If we had reached our goal we would have done 231 weighted Squats and 231 curls. Let’s just say, we got most of the way there and due to time constraints we moved forward with Our regularly scheduled programming, so we moseyed back to the tennis courts and circled up ….

Thang 3

Pax got in Plank and all went around and said the name of their first girlfriend and then everyone had to repeat that name and then do one merkin. Was all pretty vanilla, however we did a surprise merkin To a “Carl.”

Mary Work …

20 LBCs, 20 gas pumps, 20 dying cockroaches (thx OJ) and 20 pickle pounders (to keep with the theme)

Circled up and had a couple announcements about Convergence and also some prayers of thanksgiving for the boy that was found alive and well.

As I reflect on this mornings VQ, I’m thankful for many things. I’m blessed to simply have the ability to get up and attempt to do some physically demanding workouts.  I’m grateful to Glauc for introducing me to this group of HIMs. I’m thankful to you guys for being examples in our community of men who lead with integrity and accountability, always willing to help others and always pursuing the common good. Personally, you have pushed  me to become better, stronger and faster and for that, I thank you.


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