5/1/18 Carpenter Backblast – If you can’t measure it…

QIT (Q in Tank):  Captain Insaneo

Pax (6 Tanked):  Shiplap, Face, OJ, Flo Jo, PK, Plethora, Nugget, Red Roof, Scuba Steve, Nickleback, CI (YHC)

I won’t go on and on about the GrowRuck here, but I will say two things:  1.  Q’ing two days after finishing a GORUCK Tough is silly; 2. I was really glad to see my friends.  So glad that I brought back with me something that Cadre Danny (F3 Linus) spoke about.  He said, and I agree, that often at F3 workouts we don’t measure our performance.  In fact, sometimes we count so fast and move so quickly that we don’t even get the full benefit of an exercise or movement.  During the night/morning/wormhole, he challenged all of us in our next Q to think about these things and do something about it.  I just happened to have this Q (again, terrible, terrible idea), so I did.

Conditions:  50*, fullish moon to waning gibbous, gloriously dry and perfect.  Hell, we could even see the park by the end of the workout.  First time for everything.

Gearlander:  The ultimate tank top – hospital/pea soup green with various fantasy animals like an iron pumping unicorn and a Segueway riding gorilla and a flying pineapple – purchased at one of the two Toledo Walmarts, F3 Louisville Hoorag, Nike shorts, socks and Newbie trails.  My Apple Watch, which has been on the fritz, worked the entire workout.  Pope, I assume, was in his bed in footy pajamas.

As we circled up, I took roll and wrote down everyone’s name in my handy pad.  Thanks OJ for supplying light.  I gave my disclaimer and we were off like a prom dress.  A short mosey to a grassy area by the tennis courts for COP, which was:

All IC 15x:  SSHs, Grass Grabbers

Quad (actual leg) stretch, while I explained the Thang

Merkins IC 2 count (another thing I learned from Danny; some exercises are better on a two count:  down, up is 1.)

15x IC SSHs

The Thang:

We’d mosey through the park, up and down the rolling hills.  When I called hold, we’d perform an exercise for a time period or for time.  The key was to focus on form and do the exercise correctly.  During the mosey I’d tell stories and lies.  Actually, no lies.  All the stories were true.  What were they?  Sorry, you have to post to get those details.  But, I will share how we did.  This is not to call anyone out.  This is to measure, so we can compare our improvement when we do this again.


We moseyed back to the flag for some quick Mary:  Da Vincents and Gas Pumps 15x IC.  then we finished.

COR, NOR and COT.  I was really glad to see these majority tank topped guys.  I closed us out by reminding the Pax that it’s not about “me”.  And to keep that in mind at all times.  When you make it about you, you’re being a dick.  So, don’t be a dick.

CI out.

One thought on “5/1/18 Carpenter Backblast – If you can’t measure it…

  1. Great idea tracking measurements. Huggies was telling me his brother posted in Indy & at the end of each month they essentially do a fitness test to track progress.

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