BB “Temple of Gloom” @the O 5/3

It was a beautiful morning in the Gloom and it was good to see that a few of the 22 PAX had read the PB and were ready for the 2 easy  Derby trivia questions.   PAX present – Mayberry, Shiplap, Road Trip (side note – Road Trip has made it to the Ville numerous times so all who can return the favor on an upcoming Saturday should do so!), Double Down (R), Nickelback, Lil Jerry (R), Pope, Buschhhhh, Scratch, Cutlass, Loco, Bean Counter, Old Bay, Gillespie, Scuba Steve, PK, Aerobie (R), Flounder, Wham!, Red Roof and Vincent (YHC).

The 2 Derby questions:  how long is the race? – We all know it is a mile and a 1/4.  And what # Derby is this years running – 144 of course.   Fortunately for the PAX, the loop at Seneca is 1.2 miles.  Add the mosey to and from the tennis courts for COP  an you have your full distance.

A quick warn up of SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imp Walkers and we were off to the races!!

The Thang:  Race around the loop, stopping 5 times for COP.  It really wasn’t a race, just an easy breeze but you know Loco wasn’t having any of that slow pace stuff so he just circled back before leaving us all behind.   To cover the second Derby trivial question, each circle of pain included, Merkins, Jump Squats, Shoulder Taps,  Scissor Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks and Mary – 24 reps of each totaling ??  If you guessed 144 you are correct.  At the end of the Loop we circled up for some Planks and stretches and made a final breeze to the finish line, time 45 minutes flat.  Not bad for 1.25 miles, 720 reps of various beat down and a final stretch.  I’d say this was a pretty good Thurby prep workout!

Circled up for count, Name-O-Rama, announcements and intentions.

On a serious note, YHC learned something today.  We had an FNG join COP warm up a couple minutes late and I did not confirm who it was.  We have experienced a lot of growth recently and there is almost always faces we do not recognize.  To assume all know the drill is not good.  As it turns out, the FNG didn’t get the modify, do what you at capable of speech, and spilled merlot along the way and had to call it quits.  If anyone knows who this individual is, keep him coming back.  I need to personally reach out for some YHC apology.  I won’t make this mistake again..

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