Ruck bag Review #2 Cannae Legion Day pack #OJ


Ok so this rucking thing seems like a thaaang. The ol’ North Face BP’s gotta go. I have to get something a little sturdier. Whaaa? These stupid backpacks are $300? (yes I know we had a discount code) There’s got to be a suitable alternative. So I did some research and found a review of about 6-7 GoRuck capable packs. I landed on the Cannae Legion Day Pack. $100 on their site or Amazon, I got it on Holiday sale for $75. It’s made with much of the same quality you’d find in a GoRuck sack. This 21L day pack is made with 500D Codura Nylon, and comes with a Laptop/Ruck plate sleeve, Hydration Bladder compartment, padded protective sunglass compartment, and the waist belt is comfortable and tucks completely away in the pack when you don’t need it. It’s also got a little more room with zippered compartments than you’d find with the GoRuck sacks. It too, once registered has a lifetime warranty.
I like the side sleeves to hold water bottles.
The padding on the back seems like a little more than the GoRuck padding.
I will admit that the shoulder straps are probably a little thicker with the GoRuck than the Cannae pack.
I especially like the adjustable chest strap which you can move up and down your chest distributing the weight you’re carrying on your shoulders. **this is a really nice feature
All in all, I really like my pack. It’s comfortable and it won’t break the bank. Remember F3 is free right?
Also in all seriousness, if you haven’t rucked yet, please consider giving it a try. It’s all about the 2nd F. Sometimes it’s hard to get to know some of our PAX in the hustle and bustle of a morning workout in the dark. Rucking gives you the opportunity to get to know these men better. I really enjoy it.

Cannae Legion Pack Video


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