Back blast The Mutt 5/8/18 #Rooster

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I’ve been at this F3 thing for just shy of a year now, and I’ve Q’d about a dozen or so times.  You’d think that this would all be old hat by now, but not for me.  I still get nervous the night before.  Wake up at least once an hour afraid I’m going to oversleep.  And once awake start rearranging my weinke in my head.  Have to make sure that I make what the Pax are coming out for worth their while.  But wait is this too hard…can I even do these things, much less lead it?  But in the end, that’s what makes this thing we do so great.  Hell yes it was too hard, and hell yes I can lead it!  Thanks again to the HIMs that came out to support me and we all got better today!

So I got home from our workout this morning and realized for the first time in a long time that I was muddy.  And I was happy.  I’m done with the black tramp stamp look that I had been coming home with after spending our time on the asphalt all winter at the Mutt.  I made a point today to keep us on the lush (not by Posh standards) grasses of HT field.

Pax:(24) Geppetto(Q), Deuce, Wendy’s, Wham-O, StormTrooper, Bushhhhh, Draper, Valdez, Abacus, Airplane, Fergie, Noxema Jackson, Left Eye, WaterBoy, PED, Curly, Sherpa, Tiger, Tureen, GlenRoss, Backdraft, Zima, Steerage, MadCow

Zoo Gear: Really who cares about what I was wearing, but I would like to send out an APB for Zoo.  Has he already left for Pimlico or something?

5:30.  Double timed it over to coupon storage and each grabbed one and took it back up to the football field to be used later.  Circle up by the goal posts.


Kendra Newmans (speaking of APBs, is Country Boy still even allowed to have an exercise named after his M)

Abe Vigodas IC x15

Imperial Walkers IC x20

SSH IC x25

Thang 1

Split the Pax into two groups of 12.  Starting at the goal posts, both groups ran a lap in opposite directions around the football field, meeting at the half way point to do partner pull-ups (10) at the monkey bars.  Then finished that lap and did Booya Merkins (10) once meeting back at the goal posts.  Did a total of four laps which was just short of a mile if you didn’t cut corners, 40 pull ups, and 40 Booyas.

Thang 2

Partner up.  P1 would farmer carry TWO coupons approximate 50 yards.  Along the way doing shoulder shrugs (trying to put your shoulder into your earhole).  Once at the 50 yard line drop the coupons and AYG back to P2 who was holding plank while waiting.  P2 then AYG out to the 50 and carry them back.  Rinso/Repeato 3 times.

Next set was similar only P1 carried one coupon arms extended overhead while P2 did coupon squats while waiting.  Rinso/Repeato 3 times.


Finished up with a little of everyone’s favorite virgin.

5 Boyos

LBC IC x20

Phifer Kicks (too many)

American Hammers (thanks GlenRoss)

Gas Pumps (thanks Mad Cow)

5 Boyos


Circled up.  Prayed for friends and family of several of our Pax.  Thanked the group for allowing me to lead them today and for what a continued blessing F3 has been for me.

Geppetto Out!



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