@F3villeBlackops Digiorno Q Sojourn #F3Counts

So, YHC asked Zartan for this BlackOps Q the other day and was really excited to check out the new digs. Pulling up ITG, just hoping YHQ would would not be holding my own…just then I see headlights. Sump Pump, Escort aaaand Fridge rounded out the 4 Fantastic HIM that came to Slay the Day.
PAX: Sump Pump, Escort, Fridge, Digiorno Q
Digiorno Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Grass Grabbers IC
Mosey to the playground.
Thang 1:
8 minutes EMOM
5 pull-ups
10 dips
15 merkins
As time went on we cut our merkins down to 8 or 10. YHC explained that this was “You vs You”. That is what “Getting Better” is all about.
Thang 2:
Tabata – 45 sec work, 15 sec rest, 2 cycles
  • Triple Crush, w/coupon
  • Shoulder Taps, plank
  • When Nature Calls (Bear position, Squat, knee to elbow)
  • Apollo Ono (Skaters)
  • Saturday Nights
  • Hollow Body
  • Bentover Tricep Extension w/20lb dumbbells
  • Calf Raises 10each (straight/toe out/toe in) w/coupon, repeat
  • Side Lunge w/coupon
  • BearCrawl 5 forward/5 backward, repeat
Thang 3:
Partner 2 sets each:
P1: Plank
P2: 15 Derkins (feet on P1 back)
Squat/Wheel barrow
P1: Wheel barrow 10 steps
P2: Hold feet of P1, 10 Squats
Big Boy Sit-ups
American Hammers
All 10 count, IC
Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.
D ☮️💪

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