Back Blast Slow Mosey Black Ops 5/11/18


As much of as I’ve learned to love the workouts we do everyday in F3, just plain ol’ regular running for distance is still my kryptonite.  With the ten mile Tough Mudder only a couple of weeks away, I felt it was time to face my demons.  Originally was just going to make it a solo venture, but also deep down I knew I needed the accountability of the pax.  So I threw out a BO run knowing full well it would not be a popular one.  To little surprise I had two HIMs willing to join me. (Mudder teammates BTW)

Pax: Geppetto, Backdraft, Snowman…(Kidnapper Van was seen in route)

We set off from the HT parking lot and ran to the bathrooms at the O.  This was the route I mapped out the night before, no particular rhyme or reason.  Worked out just right though as you’ll see.  The turtle above is not in reference to the pace we ran, but more a description of the condition that Snowman showed up in as he pulled into the Mutt this morning.  (We need to work on getting the bathrooms unlocked 7 days a week now that the black ops are happening pretty much every day!)  Not deterred by being locked out, Snowman wiped a slight tear from his eye, assured us he would be ok, and we were off.  We blazed a trail to the O restrooms, where I”ll just  assume Snowman did some Al Gores, while Backdraft and I welcomed the break and chance to catch our breath.  Then we headed back to the Mutt.  At some point along the way a laser beam of light blew by us…could have sworn it was Kidnapper Van.  Back at the Mutt, we went ahead and ripped of three sets of 10 pull ups for funsies.  In total we ran approx 4.8 miles at about 9:22 min/mile pace.  Not too shabby at all for me, and Snowman did that clinched for half of the run! Beast!!

Really appreciate these guys joining me today.  Would love to say I would have done it without them, (likely not) but would definitely not have pushed myself as hard if so.  Just another testament to the brotherhood we have here.

Geppetto out!

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