@F3Carpenter 5.15.18 PreBlast

I’m taking my limited talents on the road for my Carpenter VQ tomorrow. There may or may not be a TankTop in that Bally garment bag.

I posted last Thursday…which was my first post since the Black Ops Marathon Relay for Hope Scarves (A damn good time, and an even better event) I’ve been a little off the grid….

So I decided to take the required vacation day – to catch up on Google Calendar, Slack, Twitter, and Mutt Twitter. Whoa. I’ve missed a lot. Black Ops are coming out of the woodwork, and HDHH is moving…..and I learned that –If there’s a Demand…. @f3louisville has the Supply! So, unfortunately there are only 5 options for your posting pleasure tomorrow. If you do choose The Carp, I guarantee to keep up with the 6….and promise to make it fun and different. Bring gloves, running shoes, AND a TT. We’ll have some fun, maybe name a Hill, discuss this burpee world record🙄, we’ll laugh,……..and we will definitely get better.


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