5/12 The Fog from South Posh Backblast #KiloQ #PopeLickPark #2ndFRuckwrapup



Saturday Posh post can sometimes be a problem, you see the posh is so darn posh that we posh pax have to share our space for the bettterment of others.  So off we go to another posh space, pope lick park AKA south posh.  As was the case on Saturday 5/12 for the Fog.

Luckily, 7 pax weren’t afraid of the dark, or the pope lick monster and rucked 4.5 miles through the park.  The only monster we came across was a beautiful white tail deer or two.  Gleaming eyes through the fog was a beautiful sight.  Seriously, if you haven’t been to this park, dont come. (Reverse psychology)

Rucking Pax

KIlo, PK, Amelia, Abacus, Hot Wheels (Vruck), Airplane, SnowDay

2rd F wrap up!

Learned that hot wheels has a secret recipe for pancakes, Airplane was afraid to dip his toe into F3 but super glad he did and now is addicted.  Amelia now flys a big ole airplane and never talks to flight attendants.  Abacus overwhelmed and humbled by HIM generosity.  SnowDay bought a new pack and is all in on rucking.  And PK has 3 daughters and a wife that dances, yet he has no rhythm.

Lots to learn about those we work out with.  Best way to do so is to ruck with them.  DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moving on to the workout

Kilo Q
Hot wheels
Mr hat


25 mtn climbers

25 plank moguls

25 reverse plank leg raises

25 SSH


split up into 3 groups


group one picnic table tough muddier training 

bear crawl under picnic table

5 derkins

crawl bear under table

5 incline merkins

until relieved


Group two 

8 cones set up 20 yds apart

bearcrwal to cone 1

frog jump to cone 2

repeat through all cones


Group three


6 jump squats

6 merkins

until relieved by group 2


Weave it back.


Thang 2

burpee 7/10 mile.

The south posh has a 7/10 mile track with each .10 mile marked by a concrete block.  At each block we did progressive burpees all the way up to 7 at the last stop.


Thang 3

Dora 2/4/6

partner up

200 merkins

400 American hammers

600 pulse squats

running partner does 3 part suicide out to about 60 yards.


This was probably one of my most difficult weinke I’ve ever written.  However i was extremely impressed with the fitness level of the PAX.  Heck, Iceman was doing EC at the end of the WO.  UNBELIEVABLE!!






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