Diablo Returns to #TheMutt 5/15/18 #PreBlast

I feel the need to redeem myself at The Mutt. My last post at The Mutt … let’s just say I didn’t exactly bring it. Or have it. Or do anything really. When I heard, “modify as needed,” I thought that meant, “you can just lay there if you need to.” It was a few days post GrowRuck Tough. Body was still bruised and battered. I felt like what I imagine Daniel Son felt like after Cobra Kai stopped him from causing even more mayhem and carnage after he watered down Johnny at the school dance. (He’s just rolling a “j” Daniel – let him be.) Well, those days are behind me. I’ve been back in the dojo and I have a smedium T I’m eager to unleash. It’s going to get “fun” very quickly in the Gloom tomorrow.


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