5/15 St. Aloysius Black-Ops FREE TO LEAD

On a random Tuesday, in the middle of the afternoon, I ran into Zartan at Mellow Mushroom. Being the HIM that he is, he began asking me questions about how I was liking F3. I told him how much I am enjoying it, how I can’t wait to post everyday, but I wish I had a workout site closer  to home. “FREE TO LEAD” he says! A few minutes later he was on slack asking who lives in Crestwood, or are members of St. Aloysius and would be interested in an OC area workout. The response was impressive. After trying out a couple different sites, Abacus crunched some numbers and was able to secure St. Aloysius as a workout site.

Today, we had 15 report for the beatdown: Abacus/Airplane Q.  PAX: Little Jerry (R), PorkChop, Valdez, Boozer, Amelia, Ashley, DOT, Fergie, Cochran, Big Bird, Huggie, Meter Maid, Scratch & Dent

Disclamer was given and we moseyed around the church to COP

COP – Airplane Q

30 SSH (I/C)

15 Abe Vigoda (I/C)

Thang 1

Tabata:3 exercises: 4 minutes each, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds recovery AMRAP

Side to side push-ups on coupon

60 seconds LBC- AMRAP


60 seconds LBC- AMRAP

Coupon Curls

60 seconds LBC- AMRAP

Thang 2 – Abacus Q


10 Overhead coupon squat run to the end of parking lot do 1 burpree

Rinse and repeat in descending/ascending fashion until 1 squat/ 10 burpees

We moseyed across the campus to stash the coupons, moseyed back to the flag to circle up for Mary


Toe Touches


This was an amazing turnout this morning. I went coupon shopping yesterday, and will probably need to go again before our next post here. A big shout out to Zartan and Abacus for helping drive this location, and to the PAX for getting out of the fart sack to get better.




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