The AO-lympics

Alright HIMs, I know you all have been wondering, who would win a Sprint between Diablo and Buschhhh? Who has the most Merkins? Who is the king of Burpees? And of course which AO has the strongest athletes?

Well, we all know that each AO is strong, but we also know that we are some competitive people. Sometimes, You v You needs a little You v Kilo, or You v McAfee. So we are going to find out. The first F3 Louisville AO-lympics is coming on June 16th at the O. We will start all competitions at 10 am. I encourage all that can make it to come, especially the competitors. Over the next few weeks, the sire Qs fron the AOs will begin to nominate their athletes for numerous events. And don’t worry, even the Nuggets of the world will have something to compete in. I am going to get the complete list finalized in the next couple days by our 1st F Q, Diablo, but here is what I am thinking:

1 min Merkin challenge

1 min Burpee Challenge

Bear crawl race

1/2 mile run

7 v 7 Burpee football

Tug of war

This should give plenty of opportunity for each Pax to have a part. All I would ask is that we try and nominate different people for each event. I know there are HIMs that can do it all, see McAfee and Vincent, but let’s get all involved. There will be heavy 2nd F the whole time. And I wouldn’t be opposed to some AO colors being worn by the teams.

So start thinking about it and talk to your site Qs about who should be nominated.

Thanks to Glen Ross for the idea.

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