5/25 Backblast bayside

0600a, (Grandpa Bear,Q, Gilly, Glauc, Banana Bread, Shuttlecock (R), Captain Good vibes (fng).

We started with short mozy with knee highs to first COP. SSHs, Imperial walkers, leg stretches, Freddie merkeries, American hammers, burpies.

Mozy. Derkins

Mozy to next location. Step ups then derkins. Mozy. Burpies

Mozy. Partnered up to move between 3 stations. Push ups with coupon alternating with lbcs, next station flipping large tractor tire (bayside coupon) end over end together, next station running while partner does squats. Repeat.

Mozy. Burpies.

Mozy. Bear crawl to 50 squats bear crawl to 10 Perkins. Repeat.

Mozy. Triceps dips. Mozy to flag. Let’s are shot…

Count. Nameorama. Intentions. Thoughts and prayers go out to other HIMs.

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