Backblast – 5/29 BoW at the O

7 PAX took the field today at the Bag of Wrenches – Vincent(R), Cutlass, Old Bay, Wham, Tin Cup, Chicken Fried, Grinder (Q)

First off, it was great to meet Chicken Fried and Tin Cup.  TC was returning from a six month hiatus and he did great.  As always, the 2nd F is my favorite part of the 1st F, if you catch my drift.

I haven’t posted much at the O (which needs to change), so I wasn’t sure what had and hadn’t been done.  I ran my idea past Red Roof and he said he thought it would be somewhat unique and fun, so I ran with it.

Started with a quick mosey around the tennis courts then circled up on the soccer field for warm-ups. 20 SSH, Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Grass Grabbers, Moroccan Nightclubs and Michael Phelps.  At some point, Vincent commented on how he was still sore from the Murph on Saturday.  Amen. The warm-up made it a little better, but I didn’t feel fully loosened up until about 30 minutes into the workout.

We next went on an unplanned scavenger hunt for coupons.  Locations ranged from under trees to the middle of the soccer field.  Quite a few were broken, but it was obvious the punks roaming Seneca are lightweights compared to the Joe Creason crews. Once we had our coupons in hand, we carried them across the street, through the field and to home plate on the big baseball diamond.  From there, we started a circuit around the field which we completed 4 times:

Circuit 1: Bear Crawl to first base, run to right field, do 10 Merkins. Prisoner Run to center field, do 10 Copperhead Squats, Prisoner Run to left field, do 10 Burpies. Run to 3rd base, Bear Crawl to home plate, 20 Coupon Curls.

Circuit 2: Rinse and repeat Circuit 1. Finished with 20 Coupon Chest Presses at home plate.

Circuit 3: Repeat – switched out Bear Crawls for lunge walks, and cut all outfield reps to 5. Finished with Overhead Coupon presses at home plate.

Circuit 4: Repeat – Finished with 20 Coupon Curls at home plate.

We then moseyed back to return our coupons, do some coupon clean-up, then circled up on the soccer field for some Mary.  We did two full sets of 20 reps each of the following: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumps, American Hammers, DaVincis, and LBFlutter Kicks.

We moseyed back to the flag, made a few announcements, learned how Chicken Fried got his name and made our intentions.  I thanked everyone for coming and I want to take this opportunity to thank them again.  It was the best thing I did all day and I hope everyone felt they got a little better for it.  Wham said it made him sweat, which made me feel like I’d led a real tough workout until I remembered how humid it was and that I’d been sweating since 5:31.  I knew what he meant though…and knew I outweigh him by about 80lbs, so what makes him sweat versus what makes me sweat are two totally different things.

Love you guys. Grinder out.

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