St. Al’s Back Blast 5/29/18

Eleven HIMs graciously showed up for my VQ, including Airplane, who lacked only face-melting intro music when he emerged from the darkness with a flag held high aloft.

VQ:  Cochran

PAX: Scratch-N-Dent, Abacus, O.J., Little Jerry, Airplane, Big Bird, Boozer, Ashley, Meter Maid, Double Down, Valdez

Warmed up with Abe Vigodas, Finkle Swings, Imperial Walkers, and Nancy Kerrigans.

Main Workout:  We left the safety of the Shire for a “There and Back Again” adventure that I mostly stole from Glauc.  Lunges for ten-yards followed by increasing repetitions of different exercises:

10 Burpees
20 Incline Merkins
30 Copperhead Squats
40 Merkins
50 Courtesy Lunge
60  60 Second Side Planks (each side)
70  Shoulder Taps
80  SSH
90  LBCs
100-second elbow plank

Return Journey:
90  Shoulder Air Presses
80  Power Knee
70 Curb Dips
60 Courtesy Lunge and Bear Crawl
50 Log Jumps
40  Merkins
30  Bobby Hurleys
20  Merkin Jacks
10 Burpees

Closed things out with Flutter Kicks, Freddy Mercury, and Dying Cockroaches in a tropical downpour.

Announcements, COT, Intentions, and Prayer.  Many thanks to everyone for suffering through the rougher patches of my VQ.  The consistent attendance at St. Al’s has been outstanding, even after a long weekend with the remnants of a hurricane approaching we still had a Dirty Dozen out there working to get better.



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