Preblast – 6/1 Norton Commons Black Ops – Zima and Grinder Bring Da Ruckus

First things first – If you haven’t been out to Norton Commons, you need to come check it out. It’s a great site with a lot of options. Secondly, if you have been out there, but not in a while, you need to come back. Especially if you’ve only been out once, I promise you’ve only seen a fraction of what the site has to offer. Third, HL someone you know that lives out in that area (Norton Commons, Glen Oaks, hell, all of Prospect) and bring them with you.

That brings us to tomorrow, as Zima and I have gone to the lab and cooked up a face-melter for the morning. We don’t get up for easy, right? This morning at the Mutt, someone asked if we’d been kicked out of Norton Commons yet, to which I replied, “Not until tomorrow, when we do a whole workout while blasting Wu-Tang Clan.” Old Bay, well versed in both the Shaolin and Wu-tang styles, chimed in with “Bring Da Motherf***ing Ruckus!” Amen to that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate with my ‘water-resistant’ speaker, but that will not stop us from bringing da ruckus. Park on the road beside the amphitheater and if you have any questions about location or meet-up spot, message me on Slack. SYITG9rzfpf083vbob30g44q91jce7.800x800x1

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