F3 Backblast 6/1 BlackOps at The Beach

I love to go to the beach. It’s the place I find peace. Today I shared that peace with 8 other HIMs. We got better together.

Q – Iceman

AO: the Beach

Pax: 9 Iceman, Nino, Glauc, Little Jerry, Double Down, Nice and Slow, Duplo, Gravedigger, Gilly

Warmup-Kinetic court work:

Butt kicks, high knees, knee/quad grabs, armcircles, bernie sanders back, 20 merkins

Thang 1 – The Circuit, 3 groups of 3

1- 20 Lats w/band, weighted jump rope, Derkin’s

2- dips, step ups

3 – sand circuit (ladder, cones, the usual)

Thang 2 – court work


1 foot bounds

Ankle twist jumps

180 turn jumps

5 merkins at each court = 45 total


20 Flutter Kicks

Boat/Canoe Hold

Thang 3 – Conework

side to side, squares, skaters


Boat/Canoe Hold

American Hammers

Thang 4 – Speed lines

mosey, sprints until Q on verge of merlot.


Pass the Q

Estimated total Merkins = 110


Lord as we reach out to you today, please wrap your arms around us and help us to be better men, better husbands, better fathers, better sons, better leaders and better individuals.

Thank you for the sand under our feet, pray for our intentions said and unsaid.

In Jesus name we pray… amen

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