The official Events release

F3 HIMs,

These are the official Events for the F3 Louisville AO-lympics.

40 yd Bear crawl

100 yd sprint

2 minute Merkin Challenge

2 minute Burpee Challenge

1/2 mile run

Tug of war

7 v 7 Burpee football

Coupon Toss

All Pax are welcome to compete in any events you want. In addition, I would like to hear nominations for who you want to compete from your home AO. Send all nominations through the site Qs. There will also be an all around champion for those who want to compete in all individual events. The scoring for AOs and individuals will be:

1st place 5 pts

2nd place 3 pts

3rd place 1 pt

There will be plenty of 2nd F within and between the AOs. Time to see who wears the crown.

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