Pre-Blast Tough Mudder Full 6/2/18

Tough MudderTomorrow F3 Louisville will take two groups of HIMs to Sparta, Ky to show the rest of the state what we are all about.  One team (Stormtrooper, Abacus, Kilo, SnowDay, BigBird, Cochran) will be in the competitive division racing against the clock and other teams.  They are the like the A Team.  Highly trained, skilled, mercenaries that can get in/ get out undetected and undeterred.

Private jet Kilo’s boys will travel in

The other group, (Backdraft, Tureen, Geppetto, Meatball, Duplo, Snowman, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Gypsy, and Cutlass) probably more like a C/D team, are a collection of pax that I have begged, bribed, and blackmailed to join me.  We will be running in the “let’s just finish and hope we don’t kill ourselves division”.  But we have Buschhhhh on our team and he’s bringing the beer.

beatle car
D team clown car


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