Backblast BO Big 4 Ruck 6/1/2018

Back-Blast BO Big 4 Ruck

Q: Flounder

Pax: CI, Face, Star Child, Mad Cow, Meter Maid, Flounder

Weather 64 Degrees, stopped raining just at start time

AO looks cool with the bridge lit up in the background. HIM excited to hear that we would be doing exercises during the ruck, not really. Oh well get to steppin. Over the bridge we go. Some while walking ruck curls and overhead presses. Around Indiana we roam. Found the stairs back up to the bridge, there’s a lot of dang stairs.

Sun coming up through storm clouds over the river super cool looking. Every workout recently Pax end up talking about how strong Pope is, a lot of respect and admiration flowing his direction. Back to start point we arrive with 4 minutes left. Keep moving time for a few more exercises. 30 over the shoulders with ruck and Blades of Steel to failure. Time.

Prayers for Pope, Red Roof’s brother and their families. May we all appreciate the gifts we have.

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