6/2/18 Ruiner BackBlast #Pope #HIM #ISI


QIC: Wham!

10 PAX: Pope; Cardinal; Vincent; Noxeema Jackson; Red Roof; Nickelback; Loco; Who Dey; Hot Wheels; Wham!

Time: 0700

Weather: 69 Degrees; 97% Humidity (woof)

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Gray UofL smedium shirt (CI and Diablo would have been proud); Black Champion shorts; Red and black duo dry footies; Red and black UofL tube socks (doubled up on socks today); Gray Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Black Nike lifting gloves with exposed fingers

I love Q’ing the Ruiner because the additional 15 minutes and extra daylight allows you to get out and enjoy more of Seneca Park than you can during a weekday Q.   And so I was already excited about my Q for today but that excitement reached another level when I got back from the Holy Trinity picnic last night and saw a post from Pope on Slack which seemed to indicate that he would be making an appearance at one of the AOs this morning.  Most (if not all) of you know this already, but in case you don’t, Pope unexpectedly had open heart surgery for the replacement of a valve a mere 8 days ago and just returned home from the hospital a few days ago.  So despite being arguably the strongest and fittest member of F3 Louisville, it seemed absurd that Pope would be able to join us this morning in the gloom  After reading Pope’s Slack post, all sorts of questions popped into my head:  What the hell?  Was he serious?  Would he choose the Ruiner as the AO he would be appearing  at?  Would he be wearing sleeves?

The answer to all of those questions were answered at approximately 6:58 am this morning when a tank topped Pope and his lovely M walked up to the shovel flag at the Ruiner.  After exchanging hugs, fist bumps and the like, in true Pope fashion, he said something to the effect of:  Well let’s quit wasting time and get moving.  So move we did…

One perk of Q’ing the Ruiner is that we have time to mosey to Wham! Island (about a 5ish minute run from the shovel flag) for COP.  Here’s a Google Maps pic of my beloved isle:


Today, I decided to spice/Old Bay things up a bit by having the Pax carry 2 coupons to the COP site because we were going to need them for Thang 1.  Everyone seemed to share the coupon wealth well during the run and we arrived at Wham! Island around 7:10 am.  Pope met us there after being chauffeured by his bride.  We circled around the Bag of Wrenches shovel flag I planted pre-WO and did the following for COP:

  • 12 BOYOs (at the request of my  5 year old 2.0 who is a future FIA member)
  • 20 Lunges (these were called by Pope as he lunge walked up and down the adjacent road…the rest of the Pax joined him after finishing our 20 lunges)
  • 16 Hillbillies 4 count cadence
  • 20 Merkins 2 count cadence
  • 20 Flutter Kicks 4 count cadence

Thang 1
When in this part of The O, I like to involve the large rolling hill that is adjacent to Wham! Island (sometimes referred to as Mount Quimby), but the metro government’s “Managed Meadows” policy this spring meant that most of the hill was essentially unusable due to the foot long grass (see pic below).


However, there was a small strip of cut grass going up the hill that was traversable and so we gathered at the bottom of the hill for Thang 1, which consisted of each Pax taking a turn farmer carrying the 2 coupons up the hill approximately 75 yards and then back down while the rest of the Pax did whatever exercise was called by that Pax.  From what I can recall, the following exercises were called:  4x4s; LBCs; SSHs; Squats; some variation of plank/merkin called by Nickelback that I can’t remember the name of; pretzel crunches; gas pumps; and 2 others I can’t recall.  This was very tough (especially given the humidity) but inspiration was provided by Pope as he slowly walked up and down the hill one time and then did several squats as we were doing our Thang.  He’s an animal, but we already knew that.

We then headed up the hill one last time (now with 2 coupons, a cone and the Bag of Wrenches shovel flag in tow) and headed back to coupon field.  Along the way, we stopped for a quick “rest” and banged out a quick merkin waterfall that consisted of a total of 55 merkins.  On to Thang 2…

Thang 2
After arriving at Coupon Field, the PAX saw 4 cones that had been set up approximately 25 yards apart in anticipation of Thang 2 otherwise known in the F3 Exercise Database as the Quarter Pounder:

  • Sprint 25 yards, do 25 merkins, Bernie Sanders back to the starting point
  • Sprint 50 yards, do 50 squats, Bernie Sanders back to the starting point
  • Sprint 75 yards, do 75 mountain climbers, Bernie Sanders back to the starting point (at some point during this part of the Thang, Loco declared that he was going to stop and do 5 burpees in honor of Pope, and the rest of us joined in.  T-Claps to Loco for leading this EC in honor of Pope)
  • Sprint 100 yards, do 100 Side Straddle Hops, Bernie Sanders back to the starting point

* While we were Quarter Poundering it up, Pope continued to put in work next to us by walking up and down the field (and probably doing other awesome things that I did not see).

Thang 3
After devouring the Quarter Pounder, we had 7 minutes remaining and so we circled up to spend some time with our friend Mary.  We did American Hammers, Superman’s, Dolly’s, Da Vinci’s (AKA Da Vincent’s) and Big Boy Sit Ups.  I also asked Pope to call an exercise before we wrapped up.  He called Squats and we all did them (including Pope).

It was now 0800 and time for Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, announcements and intentions.  YHC thanked the Pax for allowing me to lead them today and then I turned my attention to Pope’s Slack message from last night which said “Let tomorrow be a day where we all refuse to be defined by our limitations.”  What an example of this Pope displayed today.  The fact that he made an appearance (and actually did a few exercises and generally moved the entire time!) shows not only how physically and mentally strong he is, but also the impact of F3 in his life because posting with his F3 brothers is where he wanted to be today.  Props to Pope for being a true HIM and also to his M, Sally, who brought him out this morning and walked every step with him.

As Ice Cube once said, today was a good day.


One thought on “6/2/18 Ruiner BackBlast #Pope #HIM #ISI

  1. This experience was instrumental in my road to recovery. Your dedication and commitment to others inspires me each day to get a little bit stronger. Thanks so much for your support.

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