Bayside Backblast 6/2

Seven HIMs made it out Saturday morning @ Bayside: Six Pack, Banana Bread, Glaucoma, Shuttlecock, Gilly, Captain Good Vibes, and Mr. Hat (Q).

COP: 10 grass grabbers, 20 imperial walkers, 30 overhead claps, and 40 SSHs.

Mosey to the grass. With my home AO being the Posh, I’ve been spoiled by the Poshy grass, so anytime I can Q a beatdown in the grass, I’m all game. We played a game of 7s. Run to one end, do 6 of an exercise, run back to the flag, and do one of another. Then 5, then 2 and so on. In combination we first did burpees/air squats, then merkins/jump lunges, staggered merkins/jump lunges, and then another set of staggered merkins/jump lunges. After each set, we did counterama in a circle up to 30 while holding plank, stretching exercises, and squats.

Mosey to the parking lot where we had some fun in the jungle. The PAX lined up around in a rectangle. The short ends of the rectangle did crab walks, and one long ways of the rectangle did bear crawls and the other did duck walks. We went around once, switched directions, and then went around a second time.

Closed it out the last 10 minutes with some stretching and AMRAP mountain climbers for the last minute.

Prayers up for the HIMs doing the Tough Mudder today and Mrs. Banana Bread & Mrs. Hat. Both are due with 2.0s soon.

Always blessed and honored to lead a group of HIMs. Hat out.

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