Flag Day 2018 Temple of Gloom BackBlast


Pax: Glen Ross Q, Wham!, Red Roof, Kilo, Duplo, OJ, Face, Flo Jo, Tin Cup, Buschhhhh, Scuba Steve, Vincent (Respect), Trump, Hot Pursuit DR (Respect), Chicken Fried, Bean Counter, Tony Malito, Sir Topham Hat, LOCO

Conditions: 71 and clear.  Much less humidity.

Gear:  All USA.  USA swim trunks, US- America Defending Freedom Since 1776 Tank ($5 at Wal-Mart) and light up USA visor.  Had an extra tank and passed this one over to Duplo

My last Q at the O was 2 months ago and I signed up for this Q four weeks ago- (see Zartan rule) and I was pumped for this one.  I mean VQ pumped.  My last Q at the Mutt was themed Field Day and so going with something similar so I decided for Field Trip.  I’ve been at the O many times and we’ve been all over the place but I never thought that we have gone over to the golf course- specifically Hole #7, just past Wham! Island.  So that was the plan and if you read my preblast (it appears that many did) we would be running a bit more than usual, no merkins and wear some red, white and blue for Flag Day.

So we started right at 5:30 with disclaimer and group Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  God bless us and God bless our Flag

Next was a quick mosey for warm up/ stretching at the tennis courts and then begin to make our way over to Hole #7.

For those of you not familiar with this hole, you run down Pee Wee Reese Rdto the bottom of the hill and it is up on the right.  I noticed this on Sunday while cutting through the park and thought it would be a fun place to workout- not to mention Thursday was the start of the 118 US Open.  It’s approximately 3/4 mile run, but mostly down hill and the Pax arrived after a 5 minute jog.  Hole 7 has a steep hill and I ripped off this idea from CI when he had the pax doing excercises while one would run the pike at the O.  With a slight change, I would call out exercises- all Mary at the bottom of the hill while groups of 2/3 would run halfway up the hill, stop for 20 squats, run  back to the top of the hill for 20 lunges and then run back down the hill.  So we did this for about 20 minutes- lots of running, lots of Mary.  A few takeaways

1- Mary is a lot better on golf course fairway than a parking lot

2- Seneca acutually has fairways- it’s looked to be in decent shape

3- the Trump slide.  Coming down the hill he loooked like he was running from a Mueller subpoena

4- Kilo briefly lost his wedding ring, was quickly found.  Be careful with your rings

As a group, we all took the hill one last time and then made our way back to the O.  As I mentioned, on the way there it is entirely downhill, so on the way back, it was much more difficult.  I briefly thought- was this too much?  Did we go too far away?  But then I remembered Insane-O’s death march to Big Rock and we were also carrying coupons.  So we we all made it back and actually had 5 minutes left.  We did 5 more minutes of Mary- thank you Vincent for assisting and then called it at 6:15.

I mentioned in the preblast that this would be a run heavy/ cardio/ ab workout.  Knowing that, I also wanted to thank the pax for their hard work and showing up for another GR Q.  So I cut up watermelon slices the night before and passed around for all while we did count off/ name-o-Rama.

We ended with announcements- man there is a lot going on and most of the guys are on Slack- but stay active on there and if you have something going on- put it on Slack

Intentions:  prayers for Abacus, his M and their entire family, praying for a speedy recovery for Pope, Red Roofs brother- similar situation that Pope had, and continued prayers for Buschhhhh, his sister, and his niece-let perpetual light shine upon her.  Moment of silence for those intentions we hold in our hearts

Ended with prayer of thanks for our troops and all those that have served or are serving.  Asked that we take a moment to remember the sacrifices they make for us and and pray for them and their families.

That was it.  This one was a lot of fun.  A year ago I began to hear about F3, but it took me until August to come out.  I’m glad I did.  Also, a year ago, it would have been crazy to meet a bunch of random strangers by a park bathroom at 5:30 in the morning and workout (or give someone a ride back to a hotel afterwards……ask Loco about this one).  Now, nothing strange or crazy about it.  We have an awesome group of HIM.  Love you guys.


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