Back Blast – 6/14 Black Ops at Mary T

6 PAX in attendance: DiGiorno, Snowman, Duece, Huffy, Escort, Grinder (Q)

I was really excited for my VQ at Mary T.  I love this site; it has a ton of options and it’s beautiful everywhere you look. Plus, I knew this was DiGiorno’s spot, so I really wanted to represent and bring a proper beatdown.  I may have gone a little overboard, as I had to cut back several reps and exercises that we had planned and still went over time by a few minutes.  The PAX were all game though, and besides a few glitches, I think all went well.  Here’s what we did:

After a quick jog down the block, we circled up at the roundabout and did our warm-ups: 20 SSH (IC), 20 Abe Vigoda’s (IC), Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, 15 GG (IC), Loosen Arms OYO.  I was happy to have some experienced PAX in attendance, because I treated this like a true VQ – forgetting both my left from right, and how to count. We made it through.

We moseyed across the street to the other sidewalk and then copied something I used earlier in the week at the BoW: a Native American Inchworm, with each PAX doing Leapfrog Burpees to the front of the line.  As each HIM reached the front, the rest would switch their type of Plank, cycling through Elbow Planks, Arm Planks, Right Hand-only Planks and Left-Hand-only Planks. At the BoW, we had split up into two groups (3 & 4) to do this.  It was a little harder with all 6 of us in the line.

We moseyed down a small hill into the field across from the reservoir where I had set up cones.  We paired up and did BLIMPS, with partner one running across the field and up the hill, doing 10 SSHs at the top, then running back while partner two worked on the following: 50 Burpees, 100 Lunges, 100 Imperial Walkers, 100 Merkins, 100 Plank-Jacks, and 100 Squats.  This one was rough – my instructions were poor and we changed the number of reps several times through the set as I realized I’d underestimated the time needed to complete the exercises.  Again, we made it through.

At this point, I was completely gassed, so as we moseyed from the field to the reservoir stairs, I recommended everyone stop off for some hydration.  I know I needed it.  We then went up on the reservoir and did some Mobile Mary.  Starting at the first lamp post, we did the entire 3/4 mile loop in this progression – light mosey to first pole, fast mosey to next pole, all-out sprint to third pole, then walk to the fourth pole.  At the fourth pole, we’d drop to our six and do Mary. At pole 4 we did LBC’s, Pole 8: Flutter Kicks, Pole 12: American Hammers, Pole 16: More American Hammers, Pole 20: Gas Pumps, Pole 24 V-ups.  At this point, it was already 6:15 and we were still up at the end of the reservoir, so we all moseyed back down for COT.

Name-o-rama, announcements, intentions, and gave thanks.  Especially want to keep Escort’s Dad in our prayers.  It was great working out with Huffy for the first time, and great getting to know Escort better.  We’ve posted several times at the Mutt, but I haven’t had the opportunity to chat with him before like I did today. As always, I was humbled by everyone’s presence and thankful for the opportunity to get better with this group of HIMs.

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