2021 Capture the Flag Ruck PreBlast 7/16


Capture the Flag Ruck


In order to make this fair and keep McAfee from stacking his allstar team we will be doing a team draft.  Each pax will be placed in a hat and pulled one by one to be placed on a team. There will be 10 teams in total.  Each team will be assigned on of the 10 segments on the map above. For example team 1 will plant their flag in segment 1 on the map above.  

The draft will be held at the blind squirrel today 7/8 at 4pm.  We’d love for you to join or you can follow along on zoom by clicking the link below.

capture the flag draft live zoom

From the center point (The Ainsworth 3929 Shelbyville Rd.) each team has been assigned a slice of the map. Within that slice, you must place your flag (Flags and maps will be handed out to designated team captains prior to event start).

Start at your Flag!

Your flag cannot be planted until the night of the event, which is where you must start.  Your flag must be in a public area. It must be planted in the ground. It cannot be covered, hidden or disguised.  It must remain in the original condition as when you received it. Your flag cannot be placed somewhere where it is likely to be removed, or that will put other Pax in serious danger.  It is recommended that you scout your location prior to the Ruck to maximize your time rucking.

No Pax may use a phone, GPS watch, or other device to map or otherwise track locations.

Meet up at your start location with your team at 7:45 pm.

At exactly 8 pm, the Team Captain will take a picture of their paper map with the exact location of their Flag marked with an X.  (you will need a sharpie)

This picture must be clear and the X must indicate (Small X please), as close as possible, where the flag is located. The X cannot be so large that it does not show where the flag is located.

The picture will then be sent via slack to #capture, along with the Team Number associated with the map image.

At this point, the game is on.

The Objective: ruck to as many flags as possible, taking a clear picture of the flag showing the Team Number and at least 2 Team members.

The team that returns to The Ainsworth by 11 pm with the most pictures of flags wins.

Any team that fails to return to the Ainsworth by 11 pm is disqualified.

The winning team will be HANDSOMELY rewarded.

The Ainsworth

Thanks to our friend Buschhhhh, The Ainsworth has reserved a private room with golf simulator and designated bar tender.  Please have a great time and be respectful by tipping your bar tender. 

The Samaritan Woman

Donate to here 100% goes towards helping those affected by sex trafficking. 

The team who donates the most (honor system) will be handsomely rewarded.  


At 11 PM all teams are due to be at the Ainsworth (3929 Shelbyville Rd.) Look for the event host (TBD) show him your pictures of flags captured and the total $ donated.  Scores will be tallied and a winner will be HANDSOMELY rewarded.  Oh and patches will be given out.  Have Fun!

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