Back Blast – The Tank 6/19/18

14 HIMS us in the Tank!

This was a special workout for me because my son insisted on going,  He has seem the gloom several times on our Sat workouts but has yet to go on a weekday.  Mostly because the M thinks its not a great idea… he needs his sleep… he’s just 7.. she says.  However Presto heard me telling the M that I’m the Q tomorrow at a location that I have yet to lead.  Prestos ears perked up and immediately was begging to go.  So this morning at 4:30am I walked upstairs to get him up and he jumped out of bed with a huge grin. He was ready to go!

– Rythyme, Meatball, Kilo, Backdraft, Arobie (R), Abacus, Newman, Tony Malito, DJ Short Bus, Snowday, Cutless, Star Child, Presto, Bob Ross (Q)

After the disclaimer we slow mosey around the parking lot.

COP: Arm Circles, Grass Grabbers, Abe Bigodas, SSH, Imperial Walkers

Thang 1

Sprint to the four corners of parking lot stopping to exercise at each corner.

High Plank: Exercise At each corner 20x

Shoulder Tap x20

Plank Jack x20

Mountain Climber x20

J-Lows x20

Peter Parkers x20

Pickle Pounder x20

Mercian x20

Thang 2

3 station AMRAP 10 exercise

Station 1 – sprint to first base, bear crawl to second spint to 3rd bear crawl home

Station 2 – 20 dips on the bleachers

Station 3 – 20 wall kicks/mule kicks on the wall.

Thang 3

Bob Webb

1 Burpees 4 Imperial Walkers

2 Burpees 8 Imperial Walkers

3 Burpee 12 Imperial Walkers

and so on… up to 10B & 40 IW

COT intentions

Pope, Abacus, Vince and I gave thanks and an update on my ex-wife who is doing great and may be going home soon.

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