BackBlast – Capture the Flag Ruck, TEAM #3

When it comes to describing Friday night’s event, there are numerous options that can be used.  The word I like best is Success!   I think we hit all 3 F’s right on the head.  3 hours of rucking (first F), mumble chatter with individuals you may not have known very well while rucking and at the after party (2nd F) and the generosity displayed in helping out Vince’s battle, definitely gave a family in need a turbo-boost in F3 faith!!   Extra T-Claps to StarChild, Kilo, CI, Buschhhhh and anyone else who helped with the planning and execution of a night to remember.

Team 3 met at Molly’s around 7:15 and headed out to a location that was sure to pose problems for any of the 9 teams that dared to find our flag.   I was born and raised in Louisville and had no idea there is a wooded trail behind the ball fields at the St. Matthews community park.  The paved pathway winds through some heavily wooded areas with a small creek running through the middle.  After some exploring we found a nice little clearing where we planted the flag.  The only witness to our spot was the large deer hiding in the woods.  The beauty of the spot – if you entered the main entrance to the loop your first sight of the flag would be from across the creek.  Your options, loop all the way around or go through the creek.  It was rewarding to hear Airplane’s decision to go through the creek.  Brave Soul.

Once our flag was planted we managed to get the first of a few dummy flags planted before heading out to begin our own search.    The first one was for you McAfee ! Flag

I learned a few things while trapesing around town on Friday night.  Who knew there was a graveyard in the parking lot at Bed Bath & Beyond?  Good thing CI knew it or we would have missed that flag.   Who knew there is a bar called the Aero Club tucked in the southwest corner of Bowman field?    It’s a long way in and back out thanks to tall barbed wire fencing.  Mostly, I learned a little bit more about some of the growing number of HIM’s getting better with F3.  It was an honor to work with GangPlank, Big Bird and CI on Friday.  We captured 5 flags and made it back to Molly’s at 10:48 PM.  12 minutes to spare which was not enough to find that last flag that was planted not too far from Molly’s.  Precisely I am sure, why it was planted where it was.  To tempt teams past the  time limit.   Team 3 did not win the race, but we were all winners on Friday.  Rewarding events like this one don’t happen every day.  Cherish what we have with F3 and the blessings of fitness, friends and faith that we all have because of it!!  Until next time – SYITG.   Vincent.

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