Back Blast – 06/25 – NorthPosh

The biggest lesson I learned at my first Q was to keep it simple and keep things moving. Simple can be hard. So that was today’s plan. Special thanks to Flounder for coming out with his truck full of coupons. Some of them are ancient and carry a few extra lbs, chose wisely.

Q: Hot Wheels

PAX: Flounder, PK, Huggies, Mr. Hat, Gypsy, Kilo, Crash, Nino, Weedwacker, Tony Malito, Retainer, Valdez, Hot Wheels.

Disclaimer and COP. SSH, Burp-O-Rama, stretches.

The Thang: Coupons and Hills. Hills and Coupons.

We did 21’s. At the top of the hill. 20 Curls. 1 Over Head Press. Run to the bottom of the hill. 20 Merkins. 1 Squat. 19&2, 18&3. Etc.

Since Kilo wanted to have a foot race, we closed it out with 3 Sprints up the hill. (I will get you next time Kilo).

A few minutes left so we circled up for some Mary at the Flags.

Duck Duck Goose or Guantanamo. Feet in the air and the Pax takes turn running the circle knocking down the feet of each HIM.

COR, NOR, & COT: thanks to the pax for coming out in the rain and providing the opportunity to lead. Intentions were made and we closed with the Our Father.

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