#TeamVince Raffle BackBlast #inVINCEable #IronSharpensIron


Ill preface this BB by saying it will be hard to put into words what F3Louisville did between Friday 6/15 – Friday 6/22.  So I may as well start from the beginning.

F3 Axe of Good


A common theme we’ve all heard at a workout or read in a Backblast is the one written above “Iron Sharpens Iron”. Heck StarChild even had the forethought to place this phrase directly below our logo. This PAX has taken this moto and not only used it because it sounds cool, but we’ve clearly put it into practice. Our Iron is so sharp that I had all the faith in the world that we would be able to do something special in only one week for the Caballero family. I knew that EVERYONE would be on board and I was not going to have to undertake this alone. F3Louisville wields an Axe of good made up of HIM willing to jump right in and follow a vision. This is only the beginning, we will continue to have a profound impact on this community because we have HIM that will not allow our axe to dull. We will continue to sharpen the Iron, plant, grow and sharpen new Iron.




On Friday 6/15 YHC was heading to Steepleton to pick up a replacement piece for my Big Green Egg (I Smoke Meat).  Following a text exchange with WeedWacker, I asked God to point me in a direction to help out the Caballero family, for God to help me and F3Louisville help Vince and his family.

Fast foreword literally 30 minutes, YHC at steepleton having a conversation with Scratch (Steepleton owner) about the upcoming capture the flag Ruck event, and 3rdF idea I had to help out the Caballero family.

Scratch (HIM) without hesitation walked to his massive pile of YETI coolers, grabbed the largest one (40L) and asked if I could raffle the cooler off to raise some money.   ABSOLUTELY!!!  I walked out of Steepleton in awe that day.  Amazed by generosity, overcome with emotion and thankful for a prayer answered.




Immediately after pulling out of Steepleton, gathered my thoughts and reached out to StarChild.  I knew that he was a PayPal whiz and had experience doing this type of raffle/fundraiser.  10 minutes later he had a direct like PayPal donation pool set up for #TeamVince.  Where anyone with a PayPal account could donate directly to #TeamVince, we would have their name and email address and avoid raffle tickets all together.  This allows for a couple of things, one no mess of raffle tickets, but two allows us to pick up donations from friends and family outside of our morning workouts.  StarChild’s vision is without a doubt one of the main reasons we were able to raise so much in a short period of time.


The Helmet!


Sunday 6/17 another HIM steps up to the plate, wanting to help generate more interest in the #TeamVince raffle. YHC was not near his phone for 15 minutes while playing with 2.0s in the backyard and when I made my way out of the scorching humidity, 3 missed calls from Airplane. Airplane has a friend that is the agent for Khalil Mack (All-Pro Linebacker for the Oakland Raiders) he was offering a signed helmet to help with donations for #TeamVince. Again the axe of good continues…


Mollys and Buschhhhhh



The original plan was to end our Ruck at Saints bar.  When it was determined they would not be able to accommodate a massive amount of HIM and rucks (40 to be precise).  Our resident beer man social stud Buschhhh reached out to the fine folks at Molly Malones to secure the entire upstairs of the bar.  This was key for us to have a reserved space to hold the #TeamVince raffle.  After Busch was done with mollys they threw in a free Sam76 for every PAX in attendance and a all night special on coors light $3 per pint.  The picture above was sent to my by Buschhhhh, this was his view in Ireland on the day of the ruck.  He was double checking with me to make sure everything was good to go at Mollys for the raffle.  Iron Sharpens Iron.

The Announcement


June 22 Ruck Event 3rdF announcement link

Friday 6/15, the June 22 Ruck Event 3rdF announcement went up on the F3Louisville website.   Details of Vinces battle with Cancer, the emoticons of WeedWackers first post to F3Louisville and the Raffle details with a link to the TeamVince PayPal site.  Within an hour, while at Kroger finishing my honey do list for the day I receive a text from StarChild “hey man, you see already up to $360”.  I am never surprised by this group but this was only the tip of the iceberg.

By the next morning #TeamVince was up to $1,000 in less than 12 hours since the announcement was made!

Public post for TeamVince

Saturday 6/16 YHC made a more public friendly post for PAX to share on their social media profiles.  Boy did they!  Over the course of the week this post had nearly 1,500 views!!

The outpouring of support for #TeamVince came from far and wide.  F3Nation stepped up to the plate!! From F3Pittsburg, F3Toledo, F3Memphis, F3Metro and many more I’m sure.  Many of you shared on your Facebook and twitter profiles daily.  All of this effort led to a phenomenal average of around $1,000 per day!!


TeamVince Raffle!



Following an epic RuckEvent where 4 teams of 10 played capture the flag in an area of a 2 mile radius around Molly Malones, we held the #TeamVince raffle.  After a week of fundraising it was time to announce the total raised for a strong little boy.


371 total raffles purchased for a grand total of




1st Prize Yeti Cooler 

Stacy Harp

2nd Prize Weller Bourbon

Garrett Harp

3rd Prize Raiders Helmet

Nick Slahta


You can see WeedWacker in the picture above overcome with emotion.  Since Vince was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in February his family has been in survival mode.  His M took a leave of absence from her job as a family nurse practitioner to stay home full time and care for Vince.  In order to compensate WeedWacker has been working harder and longer hours.  They travel to and from Cincinnati for Vince’s treatments.  All of this led WeedWacker to a very dark place with questions no one seemed to have any answers for.

The night of June 22 he talked about F3 helping him see that there is light amidst so much darkness.  He expressed thanks, that a group men whom were largely strangers to him a month ago, would come together and lift him up in a time of great need.  Gave praise to God for pointing him in the direction of F3.


Full Circle


This axe of good that we wield together, is not made up of one or two HIM.  It’s been sharpened by HIM and their own unique piece iron over time.  There are names of HIM above and many more that were not mentioned all of whom played an intrigal part of this success.  As our axe continues to sharpen here in F3Lousivile, we will continue to make a lasting impact on this community.  Not just with fellow HIM but with those less fortunate right here in our city.  This 3rdF Axe is THE key component that makes F3Louisville not just a workout…..It’s real.  It’s tangible.  It’s LOVE!

#ISI #Live3rd



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